Hands On

Hands On

Follow these steps to play the game

The rules are simple, at first the computer puts one of its hands on the screen, then you have to put your hand on it. You put your hand on the screen by pressing down and holding the key pressed (the key that you have set up). If the computer starts with its left hand you have to put your left hand on it and vice versa. After all hands are on the screen, the computer will take its hand that is below all other hands and place it on the top, you will now have to quickly place your hand from the bottom to the top. You place your hand from the bottom to the top by releasing key and pressing it again. If you choose the wrong hand you will lose.

Normal mode:
You have to be as quick as possible to get a good score. After 50 turns the game will end. The last 20 turns are harder because, the view will rotate with 90 degrees every turn. You will only get points if you have a reaction time that is less than 2 seconds.

30 Seconds mode:
You have a total of 30 seconds reaction time. Try to get so many turns as possible.

Forever mode:
Play for as long as you like. Try to get as many turns as possible.


This game requires concentration, good reaction speed and both of your hands. Nonoba highscores in all modes.


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