Aleister Crowley is a 34 year old guy living in elsewhere. He has been a member for 3 weeks, and was last logged on one hour ago.
Aleister Crowley has a website at http://bit.ly/hvOb8g

Gamer Level: 2

Welcome to my profile


I was guest-Benghazi and guest-hahahahaha (people thought I was LAgre, Sincy, Mr.E, LightBEAN, Mexi, Fede.. is that a compliment or what??). Left town last year but I came back for a while (summer vacations). I was expecting to see the brand new lobby thing and what happened?? Someone owes me an explanation. LMFAO



✖ Name: Losfer (the original and sometimes the best)

✖ Age: 34

✖ Average ping: 250 (lagger)

✖ Best Wt Rank: #1 (2010)

✖ CLAN: "Midnight Stalkers" (blue.eyed.girl, Sincy, Thug4Life, Potatoe and me)

✖ Country: Chile, South America

✖ Languages: español & english

✖ Ocupation: graphic designer + illustrator

✖ Relationship status: in an open relationship =P

✖ Religion views: Church of Elvis

✖ Nicks: Los, Lagfer, Losefer, Lucy, Papa Los, Lobster, and a bunch of cursewords.

✖ Likes: fine arts, old school Rock music, plus-sized curvy girls.

✖ Dislikes: kids, 1v1 games, bad excuses.

✖ Best FLTron female player according to me: Brandy 918

✖ Best FLTron male player according to me: SVic

✖ Motto: "take it easy, but take it".

heraldica chileTake a word of advice from the London underground:mind the gapjeff bridges trongirl devil


tron4lifetron4life said

Posted 9 hours ago

I am.....your super secret wannabe Spanish lovah.

Or, maybe your own personal stalker???

Or, maybe who I am is not important....

What's important is this:

Te quero ______?

tron4lifetron4life said

Posted 16 hours ago

hello handsome.

TomkingTomking said

Posted yesterday


Pimp4LifePimp4Life said

Posted 2 days ago


WE ARE 1WE ARE 1 said

Posted 4 days ago

hey how r u doing losfer?

ladyfriendladyfriend said

Posted 9 days ago

you trying to be nice to me was good.

ru the bestru the best said

Posted 9 days ago

hey wanna be friends

blue.eyed.pimpetteblue.eyed.pimpette said

Posted 10 days ago

Dominatrix man. <3

blue.eyed.girlblue.eyed.girl said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Hahaha, you do that. But Fedee was one hell of a partner. =P

blue.eyed.girlblue.eyed.girl said

Posted 2 weeks ago

tonight. 2v2. And we're taking you all out again. Got it!

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