Tron 0.0

Tron 0.0

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The objective of this game is to stay alive by not crashing into a wall or a line. Last person standing wins.

Each turn, you get to select your moves using the ARROW keyboard keys. Press space when you're done and then you see what happens. Predicting your opponent's move is important to win.

ITEM USAGE(this is important).

It's often hard to win without the help of items. The only time you can use an item is at the beginning of each turn before you select any move. In order to use an item press the first letter of thier respective name.

T for Turbo.
H for Hide.
G for Gun.
F for Freeze.
S for Scan.
I for Idle.

Each car is associated with different items. Read this section to understand what each item do.

Turbo: Travels a long distance in a very high speed.

Hide: Makes your next path invisible to your opponents.

Gun: Shoots at a block to remove it, thus making a closed path become opened.

Freeze: Shoot at a line and it become frozen.

Scan: Detects your opponent's move before you make your own.

Idle: Use it to avoid traveling the regular minimum steps.

Anyway you will never understand everything before you play this game a couple of times and try the items yourself :).

If you tried pressing keys and nothing is happening, try clicking the game screen.


A turn-based synchronized version of Fltron- Multiplayer with some cool items. Check "About Game" to understand more.


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