Whore Slutbot is a 69 year old girl living in Where ever RavenRawr pleases. She has been a member for 3 months, and was last logged on 8 hours ago.

Gamer Level: 3

Welcome to my profile

Yes, I'm a lesbian and yes, I'm a slut. Got a problem with that?


darkangel10darkangel10 said

Posted 6 days ago

hiim not lesbo but i hav many frends who r in rl

LesbianWolfLesbianWolf said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Yes I do

RavenRAWRRavenRAWR said

Posted 2 weeks ago

do u miss your mistress? lol

abbyluvssome1abbyluvssome1 said

Posted 2 weeks ago


RavenRAWRRavenRAWR said

Posted 2 weeks ago

hey sex slave ;D

PacMan856PacMan856 said

Posted 4 weeks ago

r u acually lesbo, if u r i want 2 watch

Silver AssasinSilver Assasin said

Posted 5 weeks ago

uhhh hi


Posted 7 weeks ago


wiitewiite said

Posted 3 months ago

first to comment yeah! woohoo

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