Lauren Van Hunt is a 15 year old girl living in Boston. She has been a member for 5 weeks, and was last logged on 32 minutes ago.
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Welcome to my profile

Hey This Is Lauren.....Song:Yonkers-Tyler The Creator...Mood:Crazy0.O....Status:Single:/.....Im Biesexual......This Is Really Me Dont Beileve Mee Well....Fukk You Bitchh!O.o.....That Thing That Says Tyson Thats My Best Friend<3....He Doesnt Have A Nonoba Soo Yeahh....


Kelsie~Square~PantsKelsie~Square~Pants said

Posted 57 minutes ago

chuuu soo purrty i jelly ... no homo

Mr. Bruce LeeMr. Bruce Lee (online here) said

Posted 4 days ago

Blood on the dance floor is so pro :P

Mr. Bruce LeeMr. Bruce Lee (online here) said

Posted 5 days ago

you luvs me :O

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