Kirbyt is 14 years old and living in Michigan. It has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on 4 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

Hello, Kirbyt here. I might give out my bio if I have time, but again, hello everyone. ^_^


My character that you see in the corner is Bliss. I have plenty of more fan characters as a fact.


 About me, I'm quite a Sonic fan, but don't get confused on why my name is named after a Nintendo character. I was a Kirby fan back then and now.. But that's not really it, I'm a fan of PC games also. My main hobby is drawing. Yes, I draw alot. I am an artist


My Close Friends! =D


HelloKitty13014 (She's so awesome and funny at times!)

TeamEmmett (She's nice to me and she's friendly in Fridge Magnet.) 

Lilly8485 (She's awesome as well, I so like her!)

Death212 (He's the most badass friend I've ever had.)

Jp12345 (He's the second badass with Death.)

Beannie146 (She's a kind, and social friend)

Sarah445 (The <3 of my life on Nonoba, I love her to death! ^^)

Fizzyroo98 (A friendly cool girl, I love to compliment her!)

Sexygirl122 (A very helpful friend.)

Emo Cupcake (She's a funny and chatful girl! =3)


If you want to be my friend, you're free to add me. Also, for friends only, if you have MSN or any other instant messengers, you should note me with your email address.


I'm really friendly, so you can be friends with me if you want or have a chat. ^^


CassaazCassaaz said

Posted yesterday

Heheh :]

Emogurl101Emogurl101 said

Posted yesterday so nice talkin to u

Emogurl101Emogurl101 said

Posted yesterday


CassaazCassaaz said

Posted yesterday

lol, thanks

~The Dutchess~~The Dutchess~ said

Posted yesterday

ah, interesting not doing much either. im a bit lonely too XD but, meh. doesnt bother me.

~The Dutchess~~The Dutchess~ said

Posted yesterday

Lol, so hows Jay doing? x3

HelloKItty13014HelloKItty13014 said

Posted 3 days ago

awww thnx so much!!ily too!!

Emogurl101Emogurl101 said

Posted 6 days ago

did u send a frend thingy

Emogurl101Emogurl101 said

Posted 6 days ago

do u have a yahoo

Emogurl101Emogurl101 said

Posted 7 days ago

i am g00d hey do u have a facebook or a myspace

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