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KC Managra is a 23 year old guy living in HawtAccentLand . He has been a member for 39 months, and was last logged on 3 hours ago.
KC Managra has a website at Metal was here (AGAIN) ;)

Gamer Level: 23
Developer Level: 1

Welcome to my profile



Text Effect
While not directly offensive, this move is still quite potent. The attack changes the text colour of your writing to her colour. This has, in extreme cases, resulted in players having epileptic fits, rendering them unable to play, and easily passable by Julie
How to Avoid
Never ever talk to Julie

Miss Dynamite
Normally, lag does not help a player. Normally they are helpless in its clutches. Julie however, is the exception to the rule. Julie is what we can only call The Grand High Mistress of Lag. She has got it down to art form. She can freeze in place at any time rendering her true flight path unknown, and explode in a shower of bullets at will. Some have likened this explosions, to bombs, dynamite blasts, or even supernovas. One thing is for sure, no one survives the ensuring blast. However, she has extended this ability beyond even herself. She can induce this effect on other players, slowing their movement (but not stopping them like she would appear to) making them easier targets for everyone else. She infects all players slowly with this, making it a very debilitating attack compared to a disease.
How to Avoid

Morals and Ethics
If Purpleshade begins to lose the match she deploys this technique. It takes many shapes and forms, listed below are but a few
1.    Questioning the size of your ego
2.    Unfavourably comparing how nice you are with other players
3.    Generic insults (especially 'mean')
4.    Feigning misery at how cruel you are
The purpose of this attack is to make you feel merciful enough to stop killing her altogether. This is when she will pounce on your generosity, and murder you repeatedly
How to Avoid
Ignore her at all costs when she starts to lose the match



Animal Assault
Plucking an animal from her ear, she will hurl it at you (usually while the animal is on fire) and relentlessly beat you with it. Used mainly against spammers, it is effective against all, and is to be avoided at all costs. Her personal favourite is the flaming whale.
How to Avoid
Don't spam the chat while Shana is around

If the game is not going Gorkak's way, he unleashes this move, one of the most potent support abilities a player can have. Essentially, he plays naked. While using this ability his accuracy and evasion are doubled.
How to Avoid
It's an unstoppable attack. Just, no matter what else you do, don't say “pics nao”
The same as The Full Monty, but Gorkak opts to put one sock on. Where we puts it on he will not say, but the performance increase surpasses the one given by Striptease. However, it cannot be used often; the sock is known to make Gorkak hot, and in need of a shower. It is used only in very difficult matches
How to Avoid
See 'Striptease'

A loud cry of “RAWR” is uttered to the desired target. Used to intimidate opponents, the RAWR is known to deafen those with sensitive hearing for over an hour.
How to Avoid
Don't be intimidated! When this comes on your screen, be prepared to fire!

Music To Your Ears
Beachbabe sings to you. Can be a distraction, an annoyance, amusing, or downright flattering depending on how seriously you take it. Regardless, this is a variant on the RAWR attack, although some argue this is far more potent due to the persistence Beachbabe shows when typing lyrics. Whole songs have proved to be fatal to a player's entire score.
How to Avoid
If you hear the words “this song is dedicated to (your name here)” switch tabs, close the browser, or at least look away from your monitor. Do not come back until the attack is finished

God Mode
This move is the reason Mcgillicutty is widely regarded as the best player to ever enter a MPA room. This attack can be activated at any time, without warning. This attack induces a trance-like state upon Mcgillicutty, words are few, but skills are plentiful. Some say he is invincible during this attack. Studies show that Mcgillicutty is in God Mode approximately 97% of the time he plays the game.
How to Avoid
Stay out the room. Don't cross his path. Avoid him at all costs until the attack wears off, which could be several hours from when it starts to take effect, because nothing you will ever do will kill this guy.

This is a two part attack. It shall be covered as such
1.    Pronounced films you in battle. He films everyone in battle.
2.    Once the video is complete he studies it. He studies it hard. He will watch you, examine for weaknesses in your game, work out how to kill you, and put it into practise immediately. However, he also studies your strengths. How do you kill? He knows what you will do. He knows what to expect. And you....do not.
How to Avoid
Pronounced lags a lot more than normal when filming. If you notice this, do not play for the next 10 minutes. He will have stopped filming by that time expires

404 has no need for silly special attacks. He relies on good old fashioned skills to win. And he does it well, very few people have a chance against this player. He kills, he dodges, he cracks good jokes, what more could you ask for from a MPA player? I grant you, this is a special attack sheet, but 404 is a special player in himself, and this is why he is included.
How to Avoid
Have more skillz than 404 has



Shadow and McCrunchnut
Double Team
Alone, they are like any other MPA players. Granted, they are decent alone, but when they are in the same room together, they combine powers to launch this attack. They attack together, they defend each other, they let each other get the items. Rumours are oft circulated that their partnership is so great that shadow has even sacrificed himself to improve McCrunchnut's score. Regardless, united together, they are a formidable force. They are even known to rival Gorkak's Sock attack in strength.
How to Avoid
Break the partnership. Spread rumours about each of them to the other. Do whatever it takes to ensure they never work together again.

Fighting Drutt is tricky at the best of times. However, when she uses this move, she becomes like a bull, furiously charging and pursuing its prey, never letting up until they have been killed. Although it may seen easy to turn around and fire backwards, this bull is smarter than that!
So how do you stop it?
How to Avoid
Drutt's weakness is the edges. Bamboozle her with some moves on the edge then counter before she can get a target lock on you again!


Yes, even I have one....

KC Managra
Score Crush
Directly offensive, most commonly used when KC is in possession of the tri cannon, although it can be used with any level gun, it just takes longer. When used, most, if not all players, suffer deaths that send their scores into negative points, and, if they are members, dramatically decreases their position on the high score table.
How to Avoid
Keep KC away from weapon powerups. If that fails, go all out against him until he falls. Allowing him time to grab a health and recuperate will only weaken your chances of wiping him out.




Do you know what a GAR is? No, I didn't either, until I met may300m. The seemingly random spouting of GAR that May will use seeks to confuse you. What is GAR? What does it mean? Why is she saying this? As I'm sure any fellow player is aware, any sort of distraction from the battle can prove deadly. You will spawn, May will say GAR, and then before you know it you will be drifting aimlessly through the arena....you might refocus your attention in a few seconds but by then it's too late....

How to avoid

Be confused no longer




The xxx Factor

Exxxtreme skill runs through this player's veins. He is no ordinary player. For he has not the X Factor. Not the Extra Factor. But the XXX Factor. No other player can attain this level of natural killing ability. Some use support techniques to help them fight. xxx does not do this. His skill is already there, ready to be deployed upon you the second you enter, and lasting up until the second you exit.

How to avoid

Slightly weaker in full rooms. Want to beat him? Get 15 people! Don't even THINK about a 1v1 unless you're very good. 


To view these pictures at best quality right click the image and select the 'view image' option









xxx did a very good job of taking points off me for this one, had he been able to stay longer I might not have made it. Or maybe I'd have recovered and got the better of him =) Unfortunately he had to go fairly early, and from then on the main threat came from Typhoon. However, this person was not enough to halt the surge of killing to reach this 313!



I wasn't even going to put this up until I realised that simply because Drutt was there it was a rare occurance in itself. The 313 just makes it even better. Don't be fooled by the low score, you can see that as soon as I'm out the way she will tear her foes to shreds!



I put this up because the guest told me to





I bet you never did photoshop this did you 404?




Something else 404-related



And now more 404! But...which is better?




I think MPA didn't like me that day



Different numbers now. One a tribute, one because Brew would hate me if I didn't do it. She's cruel like that.


 (yeah I was too lazy to crop it. So shoot me)

She doesn't do it much nowadays....but here is Julie unleashing the full fury of a Text Effect Attack!

Also featured is the uberness of Mcgillicutty (m) 



The following two pictures are here for three reasons

1) Race to 1000!

2) What Walz says

3) Proof that, even though MPA is not as popular as it once was, it is STILL possible to get the General achievement without sitting there for over a week waiting for people to join your game, so what are you waiting for? Get it yourself too!

(important note-having someone you know there helps, if not for cannon fodder then for the moral support)

Achieved on 18/10/09-1am-ish in the morning!


This is the best game I have played in a long time. I mean, just look at the score!





The Magic of the 1000's!






 And finally.....




People sometimes ask me 'how can I get better at MPA?'

There is no one simple suggestion I can make that will suddenly make you kickass all over the place, however, I can offer you ten simple tips that might help you go from -100 to +100. As long as you're not fighting mcgillicutty that is.


Tip 1- Learn to control your ship properly.

Sounds obvious, but too many people have been slain due to poor control. This forms the basis for pretty much every other rule. You need to know how quickly your ship can turn, how quickly you can evade a level three bullet, and so survive. There's plenty of opportunity to practise when no one else is in the room, so there's no excuses for being caught in a someone firing in a continuous straight line.

Tip 2- Pickups=Kills

Unless going for that red cross is tantamount to suicide, get it immediately. Because if you don't, either you'll be shot and killed at a later point when you could have healed, or your adversary will manage to get it right before you unleash that final killing blow their way.

Tip 3- Everyone you know hates you.

Don't expect to make friends here. By all means, form a temporary truce to wipe out that git with the level three laser, but once he's gone, don't expect them to not turn around and kill you straight afterwards.

Oh, and there is NO TEAM OPTION. Don't ask for one.

Tip 4- Don't be predictable.

Be random in your movements. Don't let your enemy think they know where you will go. Or even better, make them fire completely in the wrong direction. Common predictable movements involve flying in straight lines and spinning in circles, all with the guns blazing. Unfortunately it doesn't often work, unless the person you're up against is as predictable as you.

Tip 5- Use the walls.

This is a trickier one. If your opponent is stationary, but firing a wall of bullets your way, go round the wall and slay their lazy asses. Other than that, the usage really does depend on the situation. The best players know exactly how to use these tactics, and the only way you become like them is through practise.

Tip 6- Talking Kills.

No really, it does. If you want to type that message, be prepared to get shot. Hey, talking is fun, it makes the game more fun, but I just thought I'd point it out, so you're not surprised when it happens.

Tip 7-HAX!

Actually it's not. That was patched up a long time ago. So the chances are they're simply better than you.

Tip 8- Freeze!

If someone moves slowly and erratically, but you can't quite seem to hit them despite all shots being on target, get a shield and be ready to use it. Their computer is lagging, but sooner or later it'll catch up, and all the bullets they fired in that time will be released onto the screen in a large (bullet) wall of death. Evasion is impossible.

Tip 9- Fire for the Future

If you shoot at your enemy in their position, you will miss, unless for some reason they are not moving. Instead, anticipate where your opponent will be in a seconds time, and shoot there instead. You'd be surprised how quickly this one can raise your kill count.

Tip 10-Don't give up!

You may be new, you may be down on -20 points, but don't quit! The only way you're going to get better is through practise. If you simply can't beat the git across the screen from you, try talking to them a bit. People aren't completely mercenary here, and you never know, they might just let you in on a few tips and tricks providing the first thing you say to them isn't something that you might utter in accordance with rule 8.



(More effective 1v1. Let's face it, we've all been there, on both sides of the coin. You may disagree and tell me you never lag. You are very wrong.)

The Lag Type


+Invincible to conventional skill

+Tip 9 does not apply. The likelihood is you cannot see THAT far into the future

+As soon as the bomb blows they can bring up a shield and nullify over 1,000 bullets at a time!


-As strong as they are against your fire, their fire is equally weak against you. They won't hit you much! This is because whatever lag you have on them, they also have on you.

-Irregular item spawn rates. And even if you pick it up there's no guarantee you'll have it!


To Kill

1) Don't let them get a weapon powerup (or any other if you can manage it, but weapon upgrades take priority). Given that if we assume you have less lag (Because your internet is simply UH-MAY-ZING!) you should  be able to reach it first.

2) Don't bother aiming at them, it's completely pointless. Instead just spray as much fire as you can in every direction. This is more effective with a bigger gun, hence another benefit of point 1

3) If they get a big gun anyway you'll just have to spray a little more cleverly. Shields and health will help. Lots of them, because you will get hit, and at 30hp a pop it's going to kill you eventually. Keep spraying your fire everywhere until they fall.

"protip-if you lose it is always blame it on lag"-Spoken by God

Truer words were never spoken. Amen.


Need further help?


NO, this user is not me, but someone else. However, you may find their videos useful for a few more tips. 


More questions you might ask!


How do I change the colour of my ship?

If you care to view the screenshots you will notice that I am always white. You will also know that you are always white too. This cannot change, ever. You of course will also notice that every other player in the room has a unique colour assigned to them. This is the case for you on the other player's screen. The only way to find out what you appear to them as is to ask. If you want to change THAT colour, leave and reenter.


How do I leave the game?

Use the damn back button

Or press alt+f4

'Hold the power button on your computer for 5 seconds.'

(quote originally spoken by mcgillicutty)



An ode to MPA



If you can survive when all about you

Are shooting their guns and aiming at you

If you can trust yourself when all players doubt you

Dodge their bullets, and kill them too

If you can evade one, and not be shot by another

Or take careful aim, and fire accurately

Or reach the health, and then recover

And yet, not brag too much after a killing spree


If you can win-and not make winning your master

If you can lose-and take losing in your stride

If you can meet with triumph and disaster

And, no matter what, keep your pride

If you can bear to see the skill you've shown

Twisted by newbies, and turned into cheating

Or watch your score suddenly drop like a stone

And yet, carry on, even while taking a beating


If you can stand up and face a tough guy

And finally challenge them to a duel

And lose, yet still keep your head held high

And not listen to the words of fools

If you can hold your nerve, and carry on

To face an enemy no matter what or who

And, to respawn when all your life is gone

And keep firing, to the noise of “pew pew”


If you can battle with crowds and dodge every shot

Or battle with Kings-yet keep your feet on the ground

If the trolls cannot make you lose the plot

If all players know you and your name is renowned

If you can survive every unforgiving minute

Make mistakes, and yet not be outdone

Yours is MPA, and everything in it

And-which is more-you'll be a Champion my son!


(with apologies to Rudyard Kipling) 


Just another Score Crush




And now for something completely unrelated to MPA

But I thought I should share this with you










The moral of the story?

Don't try to be nice.

Tell them to GTFO and gb2basecamp 

And then don't respond to anything else



More gaming experiences, this time of Multiplayer Pool. Although I initially didn't like it it has grown on me the more I played it.

So much so, that I have now taken on the ultimate challenge that is blakeg14


Ladies and gentlemen, this is THE man to beat in Pool. And he only gets better the more you play.

Remember that name.



And now to hail another legendary player of Nonoba

Her name is Fiona

She plays Starland TD.

Wanting to get revenge for all the MPA Score Crushes she was on the receiving end of, the challenge was made. 

This was the result.



 I take it  back. Puretaine is the TRUE starland legend

I know what you're thinking now.

But I don't ALWAYS lose =p


I also like Platform Racing 2 as much as the next person



I miss Hollow Earth. Here's a pic of KiG getting his ass kicked from a long time ago




Pronounced fought the battle of his life. Although he killed Denounced 1.0 Denounced 2.0 proved much harder......



Pronounced 2.0 sadly died following this battle. The fate of Pronounced and Denounced 2.0 is yet undecided fully.



Finally, proof that Purpleshade will do nothing but lie and cheat on Nonoba

Example of LIES

Admission of cheating

(Danaroth denied cheating himself later that day)



Also I would like to thank Purpleshade for being my personal spelling and grammar checker. She spots ALMOST everything =D

She's been rather quiet about this lately though. I guess my spelling is perfect now =D



Certain people over recent times have undertaken challenges from me. Upon completion the status of their success is recorded. Now I share the progress made. Of particular note.....



Big Break ID-WIN





Out on a limb-WIN

Say what you see-CATASTROPHIC FAIL

Four walls-WIN


Current success rate-86%


Challenge pending



Future challenge

The big 1000




Of course there will be challenges that I have to beat too....



Had to put this next picture up. It's too special to waste


Obviously there's the matter of how close to FAIL I was, but what else is there? First person to spot it wins

Julie wins a gold star!


My Shock Arena profile according to jsheppard. You have been warned!


KC Managra:

Difficulty Level: Difficult

As being a top gamer, naturally the game of shock arena wouldn't be anymore difficult for KC Managra. KC is cunning and quick. His attacks are planned and precise. Any beginner who wants to learn the basics is advised to observe from KC.  KC has been known to wipe out 3 or 4 players at once, without taking his shirt off. In any battle against KC the best strategy is to take him one on one (because most of the time he will take you one on one). If one waits too long it will allow KC enough time to morph into a leviathan.


One thing to remember when playing against me in multiplayer games

Just because you have a higher score, doesn't mean you've won ;)


A question, dear readers. Blockarelli-Will pure luck see you through or is there a deeper meaning, a strategy lurking in there?

xxx and I can't decide. What do you think?




The next picture represents the longest known Super MP Pong ever. Sadly gabriel clash (my adversary at the time) was wiped out of the game when he launched about 20 zombie balls my way. Which was a shame because I wanted to see how many I could hit.

Final score?




The next picture represents the best map/level you will ever see on Platform Sandbox. However you should note that I was lazy when it came to it, I only created the thing you see me next to and a few other little items. If you're the one who constructed the 'express' drop+steps up feel free to identify yourself and you'll get a SPECIAL MENTION!




Believe it or not I also make my own now, in the far superior Fly Hack version of the game. Why is it superior you ask?

1) Less disconnections

1) Less Disconnections

2) Flying

3) Less Disonnections

The lack of people isn't really THAT bad either...if your level is good enough you can get away with the advertising

Anyway to show off to you all is the first satisfactory level I made in EE, that didn't get screwed over for the above reason. A simple  coin collect, but nevertheless worth doing!


And now to bring this slightly more up to date with the modern day version. Though the construction of a level is now far more convienient with God Mode added, it still disconnects all the time. Saved worlds are good though. And in fact they just about make it better than the fly hack version I so raved about up there.


Next picture is another one I was demanded to put up, this time by musiclovar. At first I ignored her, but then I found out what she makes unicorns do. Hence I now upload it without question.




MetaloidMetaloid said

Posted 2 hours ago

; 3 ; i know ive left a couple of times already but im doomed to stay with nonoba untill it comepletely dies out.

c: squeezed out like toothpaste ?

>:0 you better not just disappear like that! ; u ; a simple hello or hows it going would be grand.as long as you keep in touch :D

julieangel122julieangel122 said

Posted 13 hours ago

Or maybe I'll win ;)

PurpleshadePurpleshade said

Posted 20 hours ago

Well unless they uploaded a few thousand games in the last 2.5 weeks, I don't think I've caught up :P

MetaloidMetaloid said

Posted yesterday

Wai is chu never on anymore ; o ; dont answer that i will make me sad :( and i kinda agree D: i think

julieangel122julieangel122 said

Posted yesterday

Maybe I will! ;)

PurpleshadePurpleshade said

Posted yesterday

I seriously doubt you are behind...

Fionara_Fionara_ said

Posted yesterday

yes but you cant walk around in that! you can hop! hahah have you ever slid down the stairs in a sleeping bag? its so fun!

PurpleshadePurpleshade said

Posted 2 days ago

You really need to get rid of that developer bar so I can guesstimate how far ahead you are...

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 2 days ago

It's been a while D;

Fionara_Fionara_ said

Posted 2 days ago

pink pjaaammiiess! love from joseph

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