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justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 8 months ago

ouch 1 year not on nonoba.... i laugh at the face of death

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 10 months ago

the darkness will beat the light
peace will not survive
the devil satan will rule the world
my touch turns peace to...can't say its secret

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 10 months ago




justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 10 months ago


Since i am in a facebook group called "UNDEAD RULERS" i will not give out news anymore i will just talk about undead... heres the last news i will give out.

1.eight accounts has been suspended for 3 weeks... sorry i had to because they useing bad languege.

2.the game ZOMBIES! has the maximum 6 players beat the whole game without attacking each other.

and last 3.ok thats it its the last about the news i say...nonoba manager...your job to tell news.

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 10 months ago

YES EMAIL US [email protected]


justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 10 months ago

Nonoba News:

1. plz donate to military bases for the soilders trying to find survivors from the haiti earthquake.

2.finally bugs gone... it was tough tho.

3.congrates to halopker56 top player of the day.

4.brought to you by adventurequestworlds
battle monsters, lvl up, and meet new friends!

and last one 5.
New games being added tommorrow so play them.

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted 10 months ago

this bug will be gone tommorrow...

sadly 5 games is destroyed

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted a long time ago

jesus havent been on for loooooong time.....

well no news today because we got some complaints (however i spell it.)

there were ppl angry about the games not loading

it might me your flashplayer or shockwave probe player (mabey both.)

one thing for sure a serious bug has entered nonoba so i will deal with it

so in the meanwhile just dont complain.

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted a long time ago

hello pplz havent been on cause i was busy...lol

anyways i got sone news so you can read them.

1. yay new games has been added.

2. top 5 games, (1.) Zombie Apocalips (2.)Zombies!
(3.)Hero rpg (4.) playform racing 2 (5.) Nonoba racing

Hope you play those awesome games!!!

3. brought to you by Runescape
a massive mmorpg game PLAY FOR FREE!

thats all

justkill23justkill23 said

Posted a long time ago

hello pplz i am so excited right now but sadly i can only give out news

1:wow i can't believe it the game zombies (even if game beaten) had the highest lvl is 44....

just so you know that we have fixed the bugs and now everything is back to normal...

have fun!

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