*1∴MzZ.KrAziE∴3* is a 16 year old girl living in *~InN YhUr vAtoZ DrEaMZ~*. She has been a member for 11 months, and was last logged on yesterday.

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Welcome to my profile

     ⬆★ ❤ I LUV U:) ❤ ★ ⬆

Heyy Whats up chantalia was here to show some amor to this qirl that i amo.! josli yuh are the shytszz haha i love yuh qirl alwayz and forever friends!!!!

 eY wElL iHtZ yO aMiGa HeRe tEw sAy yhU iHz tHa sHyT yhU kNoW wElL i dOnT kNoW hOw TeW wOrK dHiZ bUhT sElEnA wAz HERe

 HEyy?..Well iitz Yyuh qRL SuqArLoVe09 On Meh HErMaNaz Pqe..!Well WHAtt CaN iiSAyy?....Shee iiZ AwMaziiNqLy BeuTyyFuL &7 AwSuM..!.Ndd Wee HuNq Out Att SKwl Butt Wee DONt qO Teww SkwL ANyMOre..!..=[..Soo YyeAhh.Well iiLuhV yyuh

 GrL..!..XoXo..HerMaNas FhurLYf..!..SuqArLove09 Waz Here..! on 11.6.10 Att 9:47..!...Bye...!<33.. 

*~BabiiGrl~* waz heea Tew Say;;

Josli is so awesome she iz he ShytttZZ she Is Down Fo Anythinq

Muah love


Dont Fu8k with her if yuh do Ur Fuc8king with mehh

 Josli is awesome 

AmigaZ Fo life

ILFY JOSLI i waz Heaa At 10;28pm muah Ducezz


~kaRlA ~ Was her and stopping by on JOSLI'S profile to say we have first hour together at school lolz and hahahhah well this grul is cool and i love her just like alll the other gruls i like right josli lolz well this grul is the bomb just like brighton and i got this gruls back at all times lolz and well im late for my meeting so bye just kidden jk jk jk jk....................

 11,7,10 bye!!!!!! 

  well helloo pplz thiiz iiz cindy...... well hmmm waht can i say bout thiiz gurl shee iiz soo bad azz meeh n her havee gud tiimes huh josli lol. shes soo kul tu hanq out wiit n shes funii to and umm i thiink tahts iit:)...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovee yuuh josli i waaz here 4:34 pm 11-7-10

Well thiz iz Diana im here 2 make friendz im a kul person add mii...Im full MEXICAN!!! I have lotz of friends nd i got there bak if yuh hate dont add yuh jus wastin yuhr time..Well thatz a lil nit about mii=]....Laterzz


   ❤  ADD Mii PPll ❤

           ∴Mi Vida Loca∴



-Yandel.-Yandel. said

Posted yesterday

non hehe just talking to my gurl :. And U .: =)

-And y0u

TerrazasTerrazas said

Posted yesterday


-Yandel.-Yandel. said

Posted yesterday

hi!!!!!!! :)))))))


JosselineJosseline said

Posted yesterday


sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted yesterday


sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted yesterday


sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted yesterday


yy YUh iiN TrOuBle?

sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted yesterday wat hve yuh been uhp tew

sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted yesterday


sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted yesterday

NdA Yyuh?

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