Invasion Omega

Invasion Omega

Follow these steps to play the game

Arrow Keys - Move.
Space - Shoot.
S - Toggle Sound


This is my first keyboard game. I've made it based on the Shootorials of Kongregate. It have 10 levels, an upgrade system, a ships destroyed counter, between other things.
November Update (11/01/2009):
* The lag was removed - FINALLY!
* Recover device received on level 4.
* The ship now backs to its start position in every new game.
* The game was adapted to the new Stats API.
* The powerups, ships, and bullets are deleted on every game over or game won.
I hope it's the last update.

April update (04/26/2009):
I've added a few updates:
* Now there is a little bar below the score, indicating the progress to the next upgrade.
* The upgrade required score become greater. Now, for each upgrade, you need to score 5000 points.
* Boss bar and level time bugs fixed.
* The reward point markers become different, and the power up reward become different also.
* Increased ship's HP and bosses' HP.
* Difficulty decreased.
* Credits added.
* Some levels' time increased.


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