Jenn Horner jennBABY is a 15 year old girl living in washington. She has been a member for 7 weeks, and was last logged on 5 hours ago.

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Welcome to my profile

Hi my name is Jennifer Lynn Horner, but I like to be called Jenn. I am 15 years old and am very nice. I am  single =D and I am very friendly as well I have a facebook add me my name on it is Jennifer Horner i am the one in the cheerleading outfit! =D  I will add everyone who sends me a request but I will most likely delete those who are MASSIVE pervs... or not xD. I have a account and I will add you if you have one as well. <33 I am a cheerleader and I love to SK8BOARD. I am not GOTH or EMO but I do have a lot of friendz who are and I really wouldn't care if you were too!! <3 (>'#'<) p.s I LOVE MYY WAFFLEZZ and hugzzz .......
(>'.')> ...... <('.'<)  = ME BEING HAPPPIEE xD
  lol  I just also thought that you should know that im a scene model and i am also just a regular model.. :D and i love it xD

you peoples may notice that my hair color may be different on my picture every once in a while but its because i dye it...
i am not a different person xD

my FAVORITE color has to be rainbow


folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 2 days ago


R3dhawkR3dhawk said

Posted 3 days ago

ADD ME ON FACEBOOK! heiY3 :) said

Posted 5 days ago

B ur self
Y r u cool

Hope u like it

hanahhanah said

Posted 5 days ago

Hey my name is Jennifer too.

Flixx.Flixx. said

Posted 7 days ago

hello there :)

jennBABYjennBABY said

Posted 7 days ago


jennBABYjennBABY said

Posted 7 days ago

hiiii =D

YourEulogyYourEulogy said

Posted 7 days ago

/Comment from a random stranger
You're pretty.

ArticeArtice said

Posted 8 days ago

hi jenn :)

jennBABYjennBABY said

Posted 13 days ago

:D <333

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