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Welcome to my profile

You may be able to prolong your life....
but it's not like you can escape your inevitable death. -Jack Krauser
Jack Krauser  Jack KrauserJack Krauser
Resident Evil 4
I'm a huge Resident Evil fan, I knew pretty much everything about Resident Evil. The only reason I like it so much is
 because I like zombies, anything to do with zombies at least.
 Jack Krauser is the best Resident Evil character ever, to bad he had to die.
Here are some of the Resident Evil Characters.
All Resident Evil Characters
 This is Sheva, she is not in the picture above because it's an old picture.
I can be a real prick somedays, probably because....well you don't need to know. 
I'll be truthful with you a lot of the time, depending on who you are.
I hate haters, I am a "hater" myself but I could care less what you think or say.
New Discovery: I suck at playing these games!!!
New Discovery: The word "Rawr" does NOT mean "I love you" in dinosaur!
Real Truth: WTF have you noticed all the little kids cussing, getting drunk, having sex, 
and a whole bunch of other shit? This world has gone to Hell because they are our 
future, do we really want to leave this world in their hands?
New Discovery: True love is real. :D


WeirdEmoGurl_16WeirdEmoGurl_16 said

Posted 7 weeks ago


add muh

InevitableFightInevitableFight said

Posted 3 months ago

I'm good, thanks. Hope I can talk to you sometime.

Talia xTalia x said

Posted 3 months ago

lol :P
I tiped it in on google translate :DD

Talia xTalia x said

Posted 3 months ago

ummm... I wuz only jokin :P

Lolipop3Lolipop3 said

Posted 3 months ago

im r u??

*Candyce**Candyce* said

Posted 3 months ago

hey wanna b friends? :P :D

Scarlii xScarlii x said

Posted 4 months ago

mmm... thanx... :3

InevitableFightInevitableFight said

Posted 5 months ago

I see, so what happened with Snake and Naomi?


Posted 5 months ago

ok...SOLID SNAKE(1 of the 3 son's of big boss...ITS LIQUID,SNAKE,SOLIDUS...big boss is the guy on my avatar in green*.....wuz sent there by the angentcy called FOXHOUND to eliminate the terrorist that wuz planing to use a walking nuclear tank (aKa...meatl gear rex) he wuz sent there to take it out..he wuz an elite soldier of fourtune...he could do the then...he did...but what snake didnt know wuz that his brother LIQUID wuz behind all of when he took out MGR he killed his brother in the makeing...

InevitableFightInevitableFight said

Posted 5 months ago

Not much, you?

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