Gas Man

Billy Joel Piano Man is a 16 year old guy living in a small shack in the wilderness. He has been a member for almost a year, and was last logged on 42 minutes ago.

Gamer Level: 6

Welcome to my profile

Yo, thanks for checking out my profile. Kind of boring I know... but that's Becuase I never put personal information online if I can avoid it. And yes, my avatar picture is the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. I am a bit of a tech geek. I'm a big fan of BBC television, and I'm known to be overly sarcastic in person, yet strangely behaved online. I like to chat about randomn things in chatrooms, although I am almost never up to date on today's culture... You can contact me via Youtube. My channel is DataFlex33.


So, Heer R Pikshurs!

 Funny little poster

  happened to me once




noobbuster111noobbuster111 said

Posted 2 days ago

a gatling GUN!! times 3!! xD lol

TifennieTifennie said

Posted 3 days ago

why thank you i think :D
i like your background aswell :)

Billie_Joe_ArmstrongBillie_Joe_Armstrong said

Posted 8 days ago

what is that link u put on my profile??

bailey5567bailey5567 (online) said

Posted 2 weeks ago

thanks :)

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Blinding ^^

juliiaajuliiaa said

Posted 3 weeks ago

thats good:)

collegefan77collegefan77 said

Posted 3 weeks ago


noobbuster111noobbuster111 said

Posted 3 months ago

look in my profile it have a nuke

Melody95Melody95 said

Posted 6 months ago

Haha, well I'm sorreh [: Instead of writing in my "hard box" then, reply here xD (That is, if you even want to O.o)

levi106levi106 said

Posted 6 months ago


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