Follow these steps to play the game

When it is your turn, drag the any of your remaining pegs onto a spot on the board. If the move is not valid, your piece will return to where it was. Then wait for your opponent to make his or her move. When you have no more pegs to place, drag one of your pegs on the board to a new location.


Alternate placing "pegs" on the playing board. You have 10 small pegs (hot dogs) and 8 large pegs, 4 that have holes (donuts), and 4 that are solid (pies) . You win when you make five in a row of any these combinations:
hot dog, hot dog, donut/pie, hot dog, hot dog;
hot dog, donut/pie, hot dog, donut/pie, hot dog;
hot dog, donut/pie, donut/pie, donut/pie, hot dog.

You can place a hot dog in an opponent's donut/pie, and a donut/pie in their hot dog, but you cannot put a hot dog and donut/pie of your own in the same place.

When both players run out of pegs, they alternate moving one of their pegs on the board to a new location.


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