Crazy 8s Online

Crazy 8s Online

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Crazy 8s online is played using the mouse. The game is played practically the same way you play UNO. On your turn, click on a card in your hand that has either the same suit or number as the current face up card. You can also place down an 8 card at any time. If you do, you will be able to chose which suit you want your 8 card to become. If you cannot place down a card, click on the deck to draw a card. You can draw up to thirty cards on your turn, but the maximum amount you are allowed to hold is fifteen, any more and you will have to put a card down to draw another. The first player to discard all of their cards wins the game. The amount of players in the game affects how many experience points you gain from winning.

2 players: 50 exp
3 players: 75 exp
4 players: 100 exp

The more experience points you earn the higher the rank you'll be. Everyone starts out at Rank 0, but if they work hard, they can reach the highest rank, Rank 8.


Crazy eights, the original UNO, is now for the first time available to play online with friends, family, or people you never met before in your life. Featuring 4 tables to play on, 4 starter decks, custom rankings, achievements and coming soon: unlockable decks and special decks for purchase, there is a whole variety of features to keep you having fun.

0- 0 exp
1- 200 exp
2- 500 exp
3- 1000 exp
4- 1600 exp
5- 2400 exp
6- 3500 exp
7- 4800 exp
8- 6000 exp


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