which is better... guadalupijack..or..tina11?????

tina11tina11 said

4 weeks ago | Post #1
go 2 there profiles and pick...guadalupijack..or..tina11

demonic780demonic780 said

4 weeks ago | Post #2
nether have a clue about css... tina11 wins cause she knows this and doesn't try to use any.

guadalupijackguadalupijack said

4 weeks ago | Post #3
i win!!!!!

xxXSatanic_AbyssXxxxxXSatanic_AbyssXxx said

4 weeks ago | Post #4 | in reply to #3
According to whom?
I said your css sucks
Try learning something, here:

MetaloidMetaloid said

4 weeks ago | Post #5
Pointless thread is pointless



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