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omgitsitspuff123omgitsitspuff123 said

4 weeks ago | Post #1
its all about starland and u can only / here are choices of tornaments. the people playing each other.: 1st choice is either 5 towers game which is 5 towers only in the match or a 10 tower game. another choice is only debris towers. another choice is all laser towers.or a regualr match. You can do any kind of fight but only kind u cant do is a game game with only rockets or shockwave or anti air game cause u cant win no matter what. the tornament will be on dec. 12th k and only the 1st 10 people aloud. there will be elimination. you will post who won and who lost and the score. and if you tie then you will play again until there is a winner.

and if you tie you need to change the game type other wise you might keep tieing.

last thing if yall both say you won well then i will play yall both and see who gets the best score but it has to be the game yall played otherwise it wont count at ALL!

omgitsitspuff123omgitsitspuff123 said

4 weeks ago | Post #2
so far here are the players and you may choose who yyou will fight or i will match you up k.

omgitsitspuff123 vs ?
sailorfurmeta vs ?




juat post a reply so i wil add you and be truthful.
dont forget your score when you post a reply. half of the pleyers will be eleminated k. the next round we will have 5 players k. someone will have to fight 2 times or someone can sit out. you can volenteer to fight 2 times or not i dont care. there will be 3 round maybe 4
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demonic780demonic780 said

4 weeks ago | Post #4
Game tournaments and all other game related things should go into the game section of the forums.

>Step one.

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