Sonic Vs Mario

aaron the hedgehogaaron the hedgehog said

7 months ago | Post #1
in the video sonic and mario are killing each other but the movie does not show the winner in any screen

frenzy213frenzy213 said

7 months ago | Post #2

vampiregod5vampiregod5 said

7 months ago | Post #3
Holy, that was like ........ wow! I watched three times nice forum man good choice!!!

vampiregod5vampiregod5 said

7 months ago | Post #4
Hey when Mr. Rogers is looking at the dead people in the far left, you can't see it very well but you can see marios bloodstained head and hat

cheeseybraincheeseybrain said

6 months ago | Post #5
yh i saw it but then again u dont know sonic killed him and sonic is also dead because mr rogers was the last one left

Recon XRecon X said

6 months ago | Post #6
Yeah that is true.

JtrippzJtrippz said

6 months ago | Post #7
lol i watch this like 100 times funny chuck norris kicks indain jones in nuts O.O that gotta hurt

Fat ChrisFat Chris said

6 months ago | Post #8
There is also marios bottom body you can only see the legs and shoes. Sonic appears as a wierd drawn way

SkiddlesSkiddles said

6 months ago | Post #9
lol i think its funny
Post #10 deleted

eva95eva95 said

6 months ago | Post #11 | in reply to #6
yes (:

ducky mikeducky mike said

5 months ago | Post #12
G.I joe is lucky otherwise nobody would beleave knowing is half the battle anymore.

caleb the hedgehogcaleb the hedgehog said

6 weeks ago | Post #13
sonic will kill that fat bitch mario sucks

frenzy213frenzy213 said

yesterday | Post #14
Sometimes I think, if Sonic can go "Super Sonic", what does Mario turn into?
Last edited 3 hours ago
Post #15 deleted

darien the headgehogdarien the headgehog said

23 hours ago | Post #16
i agree with caleb sonic is going to kill mario

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