How did the dead bird get into my mailbox?

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Hs814Hs814 said

a long time ago | Post #21
demonic stop pretending you have friends

Evil RiCkY Is said

a long time ago | Post #22

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #23 | in reply to #21
How am I pretending I have friends?
For some reason I thought this was locked. It should be sense Post #1 was deleted.
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demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #24
Never mind, I found another copy of her questions using google.
Here's the list:

a) how did you get into my mailbox in the first place, it is locked
b) did you kill the bird
c) it died horribly, that much was clear
d) you're psycho
e) do I know you
f) if I do know you I don't want to know you
g) if I don't know you, what did I do to inspire you to put a dead bird in my mailbox
h) I don't know how to disinfect a mailbox from a dead bird, I'm worried about diseases and have used five different kinds of cleaner but still feel like the bird's still in there still and like my bills and my catalogues and my coupons have dead bird on them
i) it was a hummingbird, I looked it up - they don't even live in New York - this is so f*ing psycho, I can't believe this
j) are you the mailman?
k) I'm always nice to the mailman
l) the super didn't care when I told him what happened
m) the neighbors didn't care either
n) do you have some kind of problem with birds
o) don't put anything else in my mailbox
p) unless it's an apology
q) no, I take that back, I don't even want an apology

elemento136elemento136 said

a long time ago | Post #25
You don't need bubblewrap to know when's chowder time people.
Post #26 deleted

i like funi like fun said

5 days ago | Post #27
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