Buh-bye, Windows XP???

joshuab19joshuab19 said

5 weeks ago | Post #1
Well, it is the time what we've used Windows XP since 2001 and I was very good at computers, but...

I've founded some crappy hacks of WinXP and I was serious, then...

Windows XP has less security features. But Vista and 7 has more security than other.

It may be WinXP will be unsupported until 2014.

Why I would guess I'm not going to use XP anymore? Is someone having PCs with Vista or 7?

Until 2014, there will Windows XP, only Vista/Seven/Eight.

This is why what we've started at all...

Vanilla FaceVanilla Face said

5 weeks ago | Post #2
When i first got Vista i wanted to immediately switch back to Windows XP simply because it was more reliable and stable then the buggy Vista! Now i have windows 7 and I couldn't imagine switching back to XP so yes Windows XP is outdated now.

jordie1995jordie1995 (online) said

5 weeks ago | Post #3
We all love Vista, right?

joshuab19joshuab19 said

4 weeks ago | Post #4
Yes, I wish I have Vista on my computer...

Santo LeeSanto Lee said

4 weeks ago | Post #5
XP is outdated!
Vista is the worst OS Windows could ever come up with!
7 needs more better features!

Apart from how good the MSN 2011 looks!
Last edited 4 weeks ago

Tim 248Tim 248 said

4 weeks ago | Post #6
Well WinXP is kinda more for like making projects and much reliable, even though it was outdated, and Vista's like kinda the 'beginners' in computing and more for the gaming type, and lastly Windows7 are pretty much vista and winXp combined. well i'm not sure- i have Vista :B
Last edited 4 weeks ago

iFaggertiFaggert said

4 weeks ago | Post #7
XP is the hacker's favorite, just sayin' (;

Su-yeonSu-yeon said

4 weeks ago | Post #8
vista sucks

joshuab19joshuab19 said

3 weeks ago | Post #9 | in reply to #6
However, if WinXP was unsupported until 2014, why I really need a Windows Vista/7 Computer?? You'd be curious.



2 weeks ago | Post #10
I switched from XP to windows 7, and I like windows 7 better

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