Underaged Nonobians?

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Post #121 by Machipai has a score of -2. show

MachipaiMachipai said

4 months ago | Post #121
Most younglings wouldn't lie about their age and even if they do, 90% of them bursts by telling everyone their real age in the chat.

palmerainpalmerain said

4 months ago | Post #122
Nobody knows the real age on a person online. There could be someone say that there an adult but really a ten year old. Most kids on here lie about there age just to play the site. Its nearly impossible to find out a persons real age on any website not just this one!

juliiaaajuliiaaa said

10 days ago | Post #123
15 years here, and most of my friend are younger too, and even younger than 15.

jkjk said

10 days ago | Post #124
wow way to bring up some old ass forum we all forgot about, how bout lets not start up with it again
Post #125 by yuto987 has a score of -3. show

yuto987yuto987 said

10 days ago | Post #125
Im alright with kids playing on this site as long as they dont flirt and talk sexualy

bunnyboilerbunnyboiler said

10 days ago | Post #126 | in reply to #124
Would you bitch if the young miss created a new forum on the same subject?

This is a good thread anyways. nonoba should have a sticky system.
Post #127 by Santo Lee has a score of -9. show

Santo LeeSanto Lee (online) said

10 days ago | Post #127
meh, everytime i go online, i get banned for spamming or trolling or swearing, and i am 19 years of age. but when some of the under age user's come, and do the wrong thing, depends on which mod is online, they sometimes get away with things

miguelith0oomiguelith0oo said

10 days ago | Post #128 | in reply to #127
You troll?

If you do, I think you're doing it wrong. ಠ_ಠ
Last edited 10 days ago

Haze..Haze.. said

9 days ago | Post #129
miguelith0oo <--speaks the truth
Post #130 by Mematman15 has a score of -2. show

Mematman15Mematman15 said

7 days ago | Post #130 | in reply to #84
what if they tracked down your first and last name
and if you were lying about your age, they automatically get sent to kid nonoba

btw this is meh other account

miguelith0oomiguelith0oo said

7 days ago | Post #131 | in reply to #130
You watch too much TV. @_@

gemmygemgemmygem said

7 days ago | Post #132
I agree. nobody should be talking on chat about things like that, as anybody who clicks on this website can see. I do want to do something about it, as I dont agree with people saying things like "wanna have sex with me?" as somebody said to me today.

darcie_26darcie_26 said

6 days ago | Post #133 | in reply to #132
Coming from the "underaged nonobian". lol.

Doubt sexual content will be stopped at all, considering how much some of the mods engage in inappropriate conversation with some of the users. It doesn't seem to be a concern to see people discuss rape in chats, which seems to happen often in Arcade, with no consequence.

Also, I can't believe this thread is STILL going.

bunnyboilerbunnyboiler said

6 days ago | Post #134
Well, rape has more meaning nowadays than sexing up without the sexee's consent.

Also the context, I think, needs to be taken into consideration. I often tell my Ho that we will commence the babymaking in chat, and this is fine. However when you get some CHUGGA CHUGGA going on... Well, you know how it is.

Mematman15Mematman15 said

6 days ago | Post #135 | in reply to #131
shut up
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