Nonoba Storing information on my computer

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KarLoaKarLoa said

4 weeks ago | Post #1
Alright everytime im playing a game theres a thing about nonoba storing information i dont want nonoba having my information on my computer STOP IT!!=( also it wont go out i have to keep pressing deny
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xxXSatanic_AbyssXxxxxXSatanic_AbyssXxx said

4 weeks ago | Post #2
It's called a cookie, and it comes from the game to (most commonly) save your place in the game.

jordie1995jordie1995 said

4 weeks ago | Post #3
I can assure you that the cookies on Nonoba are perfectly safe to accept, and they are required to keep you logged in.

Plus (as Satanic_Abyss said) some games will also want to store information on your computer to record scores, progress ect. This happens on almost every game site (and almost certainly happens on most "big" games) and is not unique to Nonoba.

KarLoaKarLoa said

4 weeks ago | Post #4
im fine though i dont want to save my scores or progress its that simple

jordie1995jordie1995 said

4 weeks ago | Post #5 | in reply to #4
From the Terms of Service:

ODPY collects the following information about the user in order to improve the service:

User’s name (and/or login name), age, gender, region, and country.
Information which other users publish on and attach to the user’s profile.
User’s evaluations on games and other users.
Other information User may decide to post on the Website.

ODPY stores a cookie on the user’s computer to allow the user not to have to re-enter the user’s password during visits to the website. For the best experience the user is encouraged to enable/allow cookies. However, if cookies are deleted or if the browser is configured to reject cookies, the website can still be accessed by the user.

ODPY may compile users’ personal data to produce statistics about the use of services and games. Such statistical information includes, but is not limited to, information showing the relative popularity of games and tools.

You agreed to use the services outlined above(and in my previous post) when you signed up, so if you choose not to allow any of the aforementioned data to be stored on your computer then it's up to you, but Nonoba is completely within it's rights to attempt to do so.
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uushuush said

4 weeks ago | Post #6

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