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wwjdPHILwwjdPHIL said

6 weeks ago | Post #1
This has probably been said countless times but the moderation in this site is lacking heavily. Just a moment ago there were minors who were roleplaying sex and rape and talking about the exchange of photographs to one another as well as myself. If possible, I would like for appropriate action to be taken, but since I'm new to this site, I'm not sure how to properly go about it.

If someone could get back to me on an answer that'd be great.

wwjdPHILwwjdPHIL said

6 weeks ago | Post #2
The names of the users are TakeMeNow, ashley2.0 and SmileySmile. Please remove the names if dropping names is not allowed on forums, but I would like my question to be answered properly. Thank you.

FluffFluff said

6 weeks ago | Post #3
Fortunately, there exists a way for you to report these sorts of things to the moderators. It's called the Report button. It's on every profile.

jordie1995jordie1995 said

6 weeks ago | Post #4
The correct procedure is to report the users via their profiles, (with screenshots if possible) as mentioned before by Fluff.

It isn't possible for the moderators to constantly moderate every chat 24/7, but if any of the activity that you have mentioned is displayed prominently in the chat, you will almost always find a moderator in one of the other chatrooms, whom you can ask for assistance.
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Santo LeeSanto Lee said

5 weeks ago | Post #6
I agree, with what jordie1995 and Fluff are saying, there is a report button on every user's profile unless some user's have the report button hidden from there profile, where if the user's have the report button hidden, then just put at the end of the user's url ?nocss=true, like for example:
And screenies are always useful to the person reading the reports.
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FluffFluff said

5 weeks ago | Post #7
If the report button is hidden, that should also be reported since it's against some sort of rule to hide the report button.

jsheppard said

5 weeks ago | Post #8
Just some pointers when writing a report:
  • Include screenshots, as mentioned beforehand
  • Don't write in all caps
  • Don't send the same report 10 times in one sitting
  • Other references like profile pages, forum threads, etc. also create credibility to the report
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MetaloidMetaloid said

5 weeks ago | Post #9 | in reply to #8

jsheppard said

5 weeks ago | Post #10 | in reply to #8
To "screenshot" just follow the following steps:

  1. When you see the reportable issue in the chat or elsewhere, press the "Prnt Scrn" button on your keyboard
  2. Open Paint or someother image editor on your computer, and then press "Ctrl" + "V" on your keyboard
  3. That should have pasted the screenshot, next save the image.
  4. Upload the image to the internet by using sites like,, etc.
  5. Retrieve the link (URL) of the image that you just uploaded, and include it when you make a report

Santo LeeSanto Lee said

5 weeks ago | Post #11 | in reply to #10
To upload images to the net, these are some links here:

  • Image Shack
  • Facebook
  • PhotoShop

There is more links, just search Google for some places where you can upload images to the internet.
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darcie_26darcie_26 said

5 weeks ago | Post #13
Should be more appropriately titled "Selective Moderation."

But I can see obvious alt hasn't been back in some time, so this is all somewhat pointless.


Axel the HedgehogAxel the Hedgehog said

5 weeks ago | Post #14
Also in one chatroom (Attic) it seems that the mods have allowed us some freedom (Because we are young and stupid and love to roleplay and talk about them kind of things) and even then we are checked on every now and then, so if you see that sort of stuff in Attic please excuse the fact that we aren't being all to great, if something truly awful is going on in there then the usuals of Attic would notice it and get mod assistance. Also just to make the mods jobs a bit easier if there is spamming, arguing, or small sorts of stuff try and help deal with it yourself, a nice little reminder of rules can make a big difference =)

Fat said

5 weeks ago | Post #15 | in reply to #14
Rules, you say?

*Gustavosm**Gustavosm* said

4 weeks ago | Post #16


uushuush said

4 weeks ago | Post #17

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