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jsheppard (online) said

7 months ago | Post #1
This forum thread is to address the serious problem of people posting irrelevant feedback. Now this forum thread probably is irrelevant in and of itself for the simple fact that nothing significant is addressed in the feedback section anyways. Also, no one bothers to read things around here anyways. For example, the following sentence is going to be completely unrelated to anything: The sky is blue. The feedback section has turned into a Q&A section with the lovely Toby. But, besides this, why don't we all do our part by cleaning up the feedback section by not posting unimportant things. I'll be compiling a list of things not to post about in the feedback section. You can help. Just comment below like always.


  • ...ask questions.
The feedback section is for feedback, not questions. If you have a legitimate question, use the forum. Remember, search the forum before asking though.

  • duplicate suggestions/bugs
That's why there is a lovely search bar that allows you to search previous feedback posts.

  • ...suggest that Nonoba needs another chatroom.
Nonoba already has plenty of chatrooms, 18 to be exact. If you can't find an uncrowded chatroom on Nonoba, then there is something wrong with you.

  • ...make suggestions on specific games.
Nonoba doesn't upload the majority of the games that are on the website. Most of the games come from third party developers. Okay, so what does this mean? This means that posting comments and critiques about games in the general feedback section won't get anything done. If you have something to say about a specific game, there are game forums to handle that. Or, you could write a comment or send a personal message to the game developer.

  • ...spam.
This is pretty obvious, but it still happens.

  • ...make unreasonable suggestions.
Let's face it. No matter how many times you ask for that pink polka-dotted flying pony, you're still not going to get it. Likewise, making suggestions that Nonoba obviously cannot follow up with is a waste of time.

  • ...tell your life story, or any story for that matter.
It's a feedback section. Enough said.

  • ...make suggestions that are too general.

  • ...make suggestions that involve ideas for new games.
While the people at Nonoba sometimes do create games for their website, most of the game content comes from third party uploaders.


I will be adding generally duplicated feedback topics here:
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FluffFluff said

7 months ago | Post #2
> the beginning chatrooms like Basecamp and Arcade are generally full

I've never seen a "full" chatroom. I've seen chatrooms with lots of people in them, but never a full one.

This thread is a prime example of why Nonoba's forum system needs stickies. As if people ever read such things. We both know that the only real solution is restricting access to Feedback.
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Cyclone103Cyclone103 said

7 months ago | Post #3
I saw a full chat once, it was not pretty.

Yes, this thread should indeed be stickied. Nice work jsheppard!

jsheppard (online) said

7 months ago | Post #4 | in reply to #2
Oops, I got carried away. The mind tends to wander.

Any suggestion about other don'ts ?

Santo LeeSanto Lee said

7 months ago | Post #5
I have never seen a full chatroom on Nonoba. And I never see everyone spreading out to the other chatrooms, but they ask for some more chats. Good one jsheppard
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migueIithOoo. said

7 months ago | Post #6
I would suggest better security. This isn't fun anymore. ಠ_ಠ

jordie1995jordie1995 (online) said

7 months ago | Post #7
I also think the way in which people comment on Feedbacks needs a bit of guidance, all to often I see people saying things such as:

"i dont care but ill rate u up cos im your friend"


"i dont know"

If you don't know what to say about something- say nothing. With regards the first example, that is another reason why the voting system needs a bit of "tweaking".

Also, nice thread :D
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migueIithOoo. said

7 months ago | Post #9 | in reply to #8
I didn't... score you down?

I'm against the voting system, actually. I agree with Jordie, voting system does need some tweaks.

"Somehow", mine get down-voted too, must have been some of those mods/admins that are bothered with what I do.
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jsheppard (online) said

7 months ago | Post #10

Can we please pertain to the topic at hand.

MetaloidMetaloid (online) said

7 months ago | Post #11 | in reply to #10
I didn't know the thread was about hands >=3 payback from last time

Anywho how. About Forum threads ? Search before making a new one ?

jsheppard (online) said

7 months ago | Post #12 | in reply to #11
Oh yes!

EmzEmz said

7 months ago | Post #13 | in reply to #12
Me thinks you need to add some DO's? ;)
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jsheppard (online) said

7 months ago | Post #14 | in reply to #7
Meh, not really something I can use in what I working with now.
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MJH216MJH216 said

7 months ago | Post #15
Hmm, maybe

Do play nice :)

jsheppard (online) said

7 months ago | Post #16 | in reply to #15
We're talking about the Feedback section MJH

JHChristJHChrist said

7 months ago | Post #17
i think Fluff is right,

you cant take the fool out of the people but u can take the people out of the feedback section
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Haze..Haze.. said

7 months ago | Post #19
u expect me to read all this ....

RavenMacRavenMac said

7 months ago | Post #20
Not all of it, just the topics...
and if you need more explaining, then just under it.
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