Chats not working

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mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

2 months ago | Post #21

bunnyboilerbunnyboiler said

2 months ago | Post #22
I shall try to see if other accounts have access to the chats. Good suggestion, Haze. We shall see!

1111111111111111111111 said

2 months ago | Post #23 | in reply to #20
Bunnyboiler here.

Looks like it's not an account thing. I still cannot get into the chatrooms. Thanks for the idea though.
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PurpleshadePurpleshade said

2 months ago | Post #24 | in reply to #20 ;)

sexygirl400 said

2 months ago | Post #25
why is it not working

bunnyboilerbunnyboiler said

7 weeks ago | Post #26
Woohoo! nearly two months (one month in the forums) and still not working!

Love you, Nonoba.

rogerwatersrogerwaters said

6 weeks ago | Post #27
4 out of every 5 days I attempt to sign in it says connection interrupted.

What the hell? This has gone on for quite a while.
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juliyajimjuliyajim said

5 weeks ago | Post #28
Good Luck... Out of 5 people that have had this problem only 3 got in...1 has deleted account to restart ...Anyways good luck!

bunnyboilerbunnyboiler said

5 weeks ago | Post #29
Still not working for me.

Gas ManGas Man said

5 weeks ago | Post #30
Just started happening to me this afternoon, the chat went dead and then haze said something and the chat interrupted thing popped up b4 i could what haze said to meh... ಠ_ಠ

yet09yet09 said

5 weeks ago | Post #31
maybe you have need additional plug in, or maybe you have to clean your browser, or you can restore your computer.

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Vancouver 2010Vancouver 2010 said

5 weeks ago | Post #32
I think this problem has been a problem sence March or somthing x)....

Santo LeeSanto Lee said

5 weeks ago | Post #33
Maybe the Flash Player needs to be updated, considering the chats only work if you have a flash player

xxXSatanic_AbyssXxxxxXSatanic_AbyssXxx said

5 weeks ago | Post #34 | in reply to #31
pro-tip, you don't need forum codes here.

Axel the HedgehogAxel the Hedgehog said

5 weeks ago | Post #35
Well I happen to get on quite often and here is my opinion on this. When my chat works and does not work is quite random, I find when you go to the chat and it takes forever to load then says connection interrupted it's not just me, it's all of my fellow friends of attic. Because we all are computer addicts and come on quite often me and my peeps will often sit and wait for the chats to come back up.(Which can take from minutes to hours) Two friends of mine and myself discussed this problem and one of my friends said "I figure that they are probably updating the site." My other friends of nonoba say the same thing. My suggestion is try getting on at different times. This may or may not be your problem but it happens quite a lot to many of my friends and myself. Hope your chat works soon! (Also the only reason I'm posting this is currently I can not get into chat either so I feel your pain.)
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bunnyboilerbunnyboiler said

10 days ago | Post #37
I have found out that the chats not working is a local internet thing. It isn't my computer, all computers at my house won't work on my internet at home. So I guess my ISP just sucks things. I guess this thread can be locked now.

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jordie1995jordie1995 said

10 days ago | Post #38
If you find out that the chats might not be working for some other reason I'll be happy to unlock this.

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