Whats that achievment?

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aranoraranor said

4 days ago | Post #21
I don't think it's working properly, I got d achievement undergoing a 0-0-0-4 :P

Lord XLord X said

4 days ago | Post #22 | in reply to #21
If you mean by that you got it when someone else then you got , I believe its true , many have been getting it by someone else getting that 4-0-0-0 , If you have found another problem please tell us about it :) .
~Lord X~

LightBeamLightBeam said

4 days ago | Post #23
I noticed that it does work, you get the achievement, you get XP for it, and another achievement is added to the number of achievements you have. However if you browse through your achievements you won't find it or find a picture of it.

Lord XLord X said

4 days ago | Post #24 | in reply to #23
I got the achievment and I see it in my achievments ......

mefuzzymefuzzy said

4 days ago | Post #25
Sometimes it takes a little while for it to go through. I don't know why, but I used to experience that in my connect4 days.
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