cya*cya* (online) said

3 days ago | Post #1
HI PPL, just wanted to say something about the " FLAWLESS ".
I have more than whats posted, and isn' t accurate for me. I keep getting bumped around, not there' s anything wrong with that. Just saying that NONOBA should have better records, and is also my Error for not taking any of my flawless pics, and sending that into nonoba, on FLTRON. Can there be something done for the said ACHIEVEMENT for Flawless, I' m referring to how long does it take for the amount of the achievement to take note ? I am sure that it won't be too long from now that achievement will not be as easy to get, as its not the same exact game as it used to be. If one is good, then how many more would it take to become " ELITE ACHIEVEMENT " ? 10, 20, 50, OR EVEN 100 ? Could NONOBA see about having different categories for the Amount Of the Achievements ?

mefuzzymefuzzy said

2 days ago | Post #2
I don't know why it takes time for achievements to go through the system, but that's the way it seems for other games too. Maybe it has to do with leveling-up or something. I'll ask Nonoba.

I will add more achievements eventually starting with victories in a row and such...

Lord XLord X said

2 days ago | Post #3
Cool :)

TitanthropTitanthrop said

yesterday | Post #4
Hi cya,

You should take a screenshot like I just did. Thanks to Igoat for the tip on a hosting site.


This is pretty neat! I noticed that some people have already gotten multiples of this!

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