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cya*cya* said

Posted 9 hours ago

Hey Fluke, Hey its not a problem, I know that you weren' t asking me for that. NO harm done, I hope you don't think that I was being a jerk either. Is ok if you' ve decided to remove me from your list of friends, Still No Harm done. I don' t take anything too serious or emotional anymore, as I do understand about it.
You' re still OK by me, AS i don' t have anything against anybody.I hope you understand is ok to remove me as a friend.......PEACE.

FIuke said

Posted 12 hours ago

I hope you dont mean that I was asking for your password when i was playing as "Guest-Lawl" or "Guest-IGoat"..

It was a inside joke between "IGoat" and I, you've just mistaken i was talking to you.

I've removed you from my friends list for another reasons.

Turtl3Turtl3 said

Posted 2 days ago

thanx :P

collegefan77collegefan77 said

Posted 3 days ago

2010 in NYC :) later

Kevin_Jonas_FanKevin_Jonas_Fan said

Posted 3 days ago


cya*cya* said

Posted 3 days ago

Hello, I am good, How are you ?

Kevin_Jonas_FanKevin_Jonas_Fan said

Posted 4 days ago

how are you?

cya*cya* said

Posted 4 days ago

Well ? I didn't want to be right, AS some will always be straight, honest about everything,I hoped you wouldn't have believed him so much. I wish You all the Best in Life, Alyssa. Peace.

cya*cya* said

Posted 4 days ago

Hi Brandy, You' re most welcome. HAPPY NEW YEAR. :)

Brandy918Brandy918 said

Posted 5 days ago

thanks, Happy New Year :]

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