Final Endgame? How am I supposed to beat the game?

QuohnpoaQuohnpoa said

3 months ago | Post #1
I got to the last level. I was all alone already. And then.....all I got was endless wave after wave of birds and worms. How the hell am I supposed to win if that's all that happens?

XgreenXXgreenX said

3 months ago | Post #2
It suppose to happen :) that happend to me

debonemandeboneman said

3 months ago | Post #3
you have to reach level 24 with 2 or more people, kill the other(s) and you go to level 25 and win the game

Quinton8530Quinton8530 said

3 months ago | Post #4 | in reply to #3
ya you need at lest 2 people at the end then you kill each other 1 moves on and other are dead of coarse then you win and 3 bosses come up at the same time with other small zombies but i don't know what happens if you beat that i died on that part.

ABC BoyABC Boy said

9 days ago | Post #5
thats hard,i got 5+ people to play this,but failed, not working :(
I mean No enimes, another bug!

jaggaaffjaggaaff said

yesterday | Post #6
3 bosses at the same time o_o you need at least 5 players to beat level 25 anyone beaten it less than 5 players

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