Come Join The New SE Crew!

326534326534 said

3 days ago | Post #41
can i join? i wanna be a editor too!

547129547129 said

3 days ago | Post #42
I don't have a beta, but I want to edit too. I promise I won't troll...

bleeybleey said

3 days ago | Post #43
can i be a secondary leader h

KarMingKarMing said

3 days ago | Post #44
i'll be member

WindTearWindTear said

3 days ago | Post #45
May I join? I'd like to be just a regular member.

PlanternPlantern said

3 days ago | Post #46

bleeybleey said

2 days ago | Post #47
oh yea and im not beta

cj1996cj1996 said

2 days ago | Post #48
wen nex lvl?

bleeybleey said

yesterday | Post #49
next lvl is now name is SECREW the race

C: OWNERS NAME (with cap at the start)

Chicken201Chicken201 said

yesterday | Post #50 | in reply to #23
Can I join? Aand I don't mind which place i'm given. =D Oh I'm not beta, btw.

Last edited yesterday

GameGusGameGus said

yesterday | Post #51
I'd like to be member ;D + I'm beta :D

Water Goddess AmayaWater Goddess Amaya said

yesterday | Post #52
Legyoudcan1382469 can I please join!
I don't mind wherever you put me! But here are a few things that I am good at: Art, World Layouts, World Names, Levels and Minigames, Races. But there are some bad points too: Being Leader, Sharing Art, Bossing people around.
I am also good at smileys and cool writing.

-Thanks for reading this, I hope you will make me a member of your crew!

Legyoudcan1382469Legyoudcan1382469 said

yesterday | Post #53
hahaha u mean ~Chicken201 :)

austinthejohnaustinthejohn said

yesterday | Post #54
ive wanted to join a group lol can i join plz im good at minis and some art and others {i dont want to write more to waste ur time xD}

hotrodDNAhotrodDNA said

yesterday | Post #55
can i be a member
Post #56 deleted

cael2002 said

yesterday | Post #57
Well....i guess...........................i wanted to join.....Too late :(

Legyoudcan1382469Legyoudcan1382469 said

yesterday | Post #58
austinhejohn and hotrodDNA ur both members

tommorow we will stop making people members!

Legyoudcan1382469Legyoudcan1382469 said

yesterday | Post #59
tommorow we will stop accepting peoples requests to join!

TheFakeTheFake said

yesterday | Post #60

You= know, The person who made this said we have 6 days to join three weeks ago and considering this is a topic about recruiting. This is better of locked!

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