Sergeant_JezzaSergeant_Jezza said

2 months ago | Post #1
When you get the invincibility powerup, you can still die if you touch the floor, watch out.

MetaloidMetaloid said

2 months ago | Post #2
this is a real glitch i was playing then the ufo fell down and kept falling down D: PROOF

FlashByteFlashByte said

2 months ago | Post #3
@ Sergeant_Jezza:
You should die when you touch the floor or the ceiling, otherwise you could just "escape" from the game, I don't think it's that hard to avoid touching those things while having an invincibility powerup.

@ Metaloid:
I am aware of this glitch and I'm working on it, though not many users experience this, I'm still concerned and I'm giving this priority #1.

Also, could you describe how that happened? It has never happened to me, but I know it happens most likely when your computer has lost focus on the game (e.g.: your friend says something on MSN, an annoying Windows message pops up, or it just happens when you get an achievement...)

Anyways, I'm planning a fix ASAP for this glitch and will probably be effective in my next update which will (no promises) contain new features like difficulties and maybe better graphics (I've never been a good drawer :) )

Thanks for playing, FB.
Last edited 2 months ago

Sergeant_JezzaSergeant_Jezza said

2 months ago | Post #4 | in reply to #3
Yeah I geuss you could escape but there could be some ways around this, e.g. having the UFO Skim or bounce on the bottom, or just scrolling the screen down with infinite rock underneath. Either way, It's not the biggest of glitches, and yes it is pretty easy to avoid that.

archilandguyarchilandguy said

2 months ago | Post #5
hey guys, i'm a newbie
hope i can play as well as you do

trogfieldtrogfield said

2 weeks ago | Post #6
game freezes when i die after getting any achievement

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