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BunnyboiIerBunnyboiIer said

5 weeks ago | Post #1
Cheap ripoff of the game "Robokill"

Seriously, even some of the events are the same (when you die you are charged money and the enemy reclaims some rooms)

Also, shooting boxes makes your XP go up. WTF?!

And if you buy the recycler, it does not work until you load up the game. That is a major defect. I am surprised the developer has not been sued for copyright infringement or something.


BadimBadim said

5 weeks ago | Post #2
not at all. its just solid genre, where in flash few games in it. you dont write ripoff for every TD game, dont you?


5 weeks ago | Post #3
it aint working i can't even play the game is really fix it

BunnyboiIerBunnyboiIer said

yesterday | Post #4 | in reply to #2
Solid Genre?

Have you played Robokill? This game is EXACTLY like it, except lower quality. Seriously.

Tower Defense is a genre, sure.

However, low-quality-ripoffs-of-robokill is NOT a genre.

enter2333enter2333 said

yesterday | Post #5
its a rip off

PurpleshadePurpleshade (online) said

5 hours ago | Post #6
I keep having to start over at the beginning every time I play

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