Kid KakashiKid Kakashi said

2 days ago | Post #1
This game is awesome and the slug went in the cats o.0

Lord XLord X said

2 days ago | Post #2
LOL for sure :P , Wouldnot wana be that cat or the slug :O .

G.E.O.F.G.E.O.F. said

2 days ago | Post #3
yes is good

G.E.O.F.G.E.O.F. said

2 days ago | Post #4
yes is good

WindColorsWindColors said

yesterday | Post #5
Lord X, that's such an innocent comment...

Since the cat is getting from the ass, you would like to be the cat, off course... Since you like to be dominated ;)

But if you wanna change your rotine, you can give it YOURSELF in yhe ass of the kitty. Then you could be the slug...

Oh yeah, i now understand your doubt xD

(Just kidding, dude ;))

Lord XLord X said

yesterday | Post #6 | in reply to #5
Lol now I see why you Favourited the game :O ;P haha XD .

WindColorsWindColors said

yesterday | Post #7

Can't help it, i am perv.

I like to see the action happenning xD

jsheppardjsheppard said

yesterday | Post #8
I love games like these.

WindColorsWindColors said

yesterday | Post #9
How sinister ;B

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