OscarOscar said

Posted 8 months ago

I agree with the preceding statements. Up'd for great justice.

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dean 1245780qdean 1245780q said

Posted 8 months ago

yes i no 100xp is the best xp

][Steven][][Steven][ said

Posted 8 months ago

Did you even read the post?

Snipe27Snipe27 said

Posted 8 months ago

thats a good idea. if i had a game i would use that rule.

EmzEmz said

Posted 8 months ago

I up'd it cos Toby wrote it :D
Even though i have no idea what it means.

kittyent68kittyent68 (online) said

Posted 7 months ago

A big clue if they're a hacker/cheater is look at the score that have 9 repeating for a long time(like between 10 to 15 9's) for some games like nonoba racer the laps it takes except if it's a really short corse it ends up being 1 second then that hacker/cheater's score will be taken off. that's a example for that feedback.:)

Su-yeonSu-yeon said

Posted 7 months ago

agree,hope It works =)

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