fastliner is a 111 year old guy living in ♥Location♥ | Next to a school, college, uni, night clubs and near ur neighbourhood LMAO :s. He has been a member for 17 months.
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I am fastliner.                          


Lets get serious. Top 10 best players on Fltron (still on going).
1. fastliner  - Just because I hardly play doesn't mean any idiot can put me wherever he wants on his retarded list. Once I know enough about how a player moves, I hardly play them again.  If you keep playing them, they are likely to read your moves which towards end, they'll use, to rape you. Why go through that? Once you know how that player moves, target other players. That's how I stay at the top of my game. Hence why people do not see me playing regularly. Winning Smingaling's Ultimate 1v1 Fltron Tournament of 2011 put most gamers who doubted me in there places. Now I am engraved into the Hall of records at You learn more by watching then playing.  

2. SvictourS -Very quick learner, hence why I don't play him. He is a master at reading peoples playing patterns. Ask him who he use to play 1vs1 to train before gamers began recognising his talents. Most people don't know, it was me.


3. Sincerely - I hardy see him play as much as I want (mainly because I am on fltron eariler then him. My late hours is his early morning) but I have seen him play enough to learn he is more then decent gamer (an understatement). As far as 1vs1 goes, he recently raped SvictorS 10-4 but SvictorS is a little out of shape but can easily turn that around within a week or two of hardcore playing, hence why Sincerely is held at third place.    

4. Sangre18  - His combination of lagg, overall skill on the grid is beautiful. He is very entertaining to watch in all game boards. There are other skills I lust watching him perform but if i disclose too much, it will make life difficult for him on the grid. Besides, exposing his tactics so a nub can become semi-pro is not my thing.
Also something worrying has come to my attention, Sangre18 is beginning to have comp problems, I saw him getting raped by smiley for fuck sakes! He might not be on here for longer but enjoy it Sangre18 while it lasts.


5. -SDA - Not far off from being number 4. He is a unique gamer. Great all rounder, quick thinker, uses freestyle adaptive gaming tactics plus his "magic lagg" gamers have more to deal with then his raw skill.  


6. Mr.E  - Use to be the best painter (possibly due to his low fps) but recent game fixes means he can play some what "normally".  Would have been ranked a lot higher but like Solitary and Guest*1, Mr.E is inconsistent with winning. He would play like a pro, other times it would drop to skill level of a amature.  More often then not he'll be on the receiving end of a raping.      


7. twinnylovestwinny - His experience, the ability to keep level headed and play logically makes him a decent player but there is nothing extraordinary in terms of gaming tactics apart from his average consistency of winning.

There are skills which twinnylovestwinny has which stupidd just misses out on. Apart from that Stupidd is a snag away from being number 7.  


8. Stupidd - In terms of overall skill in 1 vs 1, he plays a lot like me which tends to be the only frustrating issue when facing him. In terms of his of win ratio in 1v1 mode, he is inconsistent but above average. Beat me recently in a micro tournament manily because I gave up to sleep. We were evenly matched and games were too close to call, if I didn't end it quick, it would have ended up going to 9-9 sets. Plus I was over-worked using a craptop which meant I couldn't make certain turns accurately.  Stupidd understands most of my game-play which means he will have no problems beating players below him and thus stands a chance at beating pros.   


9. Lightbeam - Decent all rounder. This dog has still got life left in him. Hence why I couldn't count him out but would like him to 1v1 with Obesebumfluff to see if he deserves  is number 7th position.  

10. Obesebumfluff  - He recently raped lightbeam. Though I admit the big Arab has been a bit out of shape and hasn't been playing as much as he should. Also obby has been practicing 1vs1 a lot and even managed to beat me, until I found a pattern in his moves, now he is an open book to me.   

These are players of whom I keep a very close eye on:
ricky1101 - Like obesebumfluff, ricky has been drawing a lot of crowd coverage in his 1vs1 showdowns. Very impressive player. Most of his quick attacks are on target, he plays on form most of the times, but needs to be more consistent.
Would like to see him go head to head with solitary.
I would say if Mr.E kept playing, his skill would be that of rickys, if not then greater.
  There is a very little gap  ricky1101 has to cross in order for him to be in the top 10, but he learns at a decent pace. He'll get there quick at the end, no doubt. In the meantime, I shall enjoy watching him learn. Desperately wanted him in the top 10, but I know solitary can take him out without breaking a sweat. Bastard. 


Gertrude -  Very decent material. Also adopted an old school methodology of playing  (just like Hbala) but hasn't quite mastered its consistency. His strongest use of the tactic was when he faced twinnylovestwinny in the 1v1 tournament but gave up hope in the later stages which inevitably led to his rape. The tournament match was close.    


Solitary - I exchanged solitary for gertrude in the list. solitary stutters sometimes for no reason but overall a very decent player. Just like Guest*1 he is sometimes inconsistent with his skill. He would play like a pro, other times it would drop to skill level of a amature but more then 50% of the time he would be on the money.

Gallion - A highly underrated player. The combination of his lagg and quick attacks makes him somewhat of a deadly player but the accuracy of his attacks are usually less then around 40%. He is quick. From the last time I saw him, he was trying to make impossible turns into tight holes. Very impressive to watch. If he manages to sort his attacks out, he could easily be towards the top five. 

Guest*1 - When he is on form even the best players have trouble trying to take him out, with that said, he is inconsistent and I have seen him being raped by quite a few nubs. Hence why he is not on the list otherwise he would be close towards the top 7 mark.
Players who mentioned other players to me:

Ellsming - Gives up too easily, dislikes playing with laggers. I raped him in 20 seconds flat (without a warm up). He is just better then solitary, Solitary being an average player.  


musiclovarmusiclovar (online) said

Posted 3 weeks ago

:c <3

fastlinerfastliner (online here) said

Posted 5 weeks ago

Not my type but I will roger your pudding in exchange for your sister 3:

SillyPaoSillyPao said

Posted 5 weeks ago

Hey..x3 Cutiee

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