F the awesome is a 12 year old girl living in Hyrule. She has been a member for 8 months, and was last logged on 19 hours ago.

Gamer Level: 5

Welcome to my profile

hello, this is F01. I am a girl from England, and am a hardcore nintendo fan. My favourite colour is blue ( turquoise and navy)  and  i love playing Monster Hunter Tri! IT RULZ!!!! I am an Internet Addict, and love memes

I <3 gaming!!1!!  WOOooOOOO!!11!!  My BFF is Pearly Whirly. She is teh awesums in real life, we have known each other for ever!!  i also know GINGER NINJA and cookiemonster98 irl


My favourite albums are:

Demon Days - Gorrilaz

Best songs: Kids with guns, O Green World,Dirty Harry


The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden  (I'm actually listening to it while I'm typing this lol ^_^)

Best songs : All of them!!!!1!!! rock hands --> lml   

@ K8lyn : Missing you  : (


@ jjpower3 and Pearly Whirly and GINGER NINJA : you are awesome !!!IF A QUIZ IS QUIZZICAL, 




cookiemonster98cookiemonster98 said

Posted 19 hours ago

hello r u der??

F01F01 said

Posted 5 days ago

EEEEK gtfo my profile sonia!! lol no ur my friend u can stay XD


Posted 5 days ago

I know you... mwahahaha STALKER! XD

Pearly whirlyPearly whirly said

Posted 11 days ago


jjpower3jjpower3 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Living in Hyrule heh? you're living the legend of zelda if ya ask me :P, and i'll be back for a time


Posted 5 weeks ago


villagerhelenevillagerhelene said

Posted 6 weeks ago


melayzia123melayzia123 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

u have a fantage me to give me ur name

SelendrileSelendrile said

Posted 6 weeks ago

Haha, alright :D

F01F01 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

niice a fellow gamer _ do you have monster hunter tri?

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