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Pocket Fighters 2
Pocket Fighters 2

Pocket Fighters 2

Follow these steps to play the game

S - kick; A - Punch; Up, Down, Right, Left - move



Rugal, an incredibly skilled fighter, has become bored with the lack of proper fighting opponents and decides to host a new Pocket Fighters tournament. Invitations to the tournament have been sent to the worlds greatest warriors. The tournament begins.

Source INFO

I have been working on a this fighting game engine for 2 years, and I am very happy now to see the great and substantial progress I made on it. Its framework is based upon the classic versus fighting games such as Street Fighter and King of Fighters.

The fact that almost everyone with a basic knowledge of the platform can take this engine and add upon it, share with the community and create something amazing is definitely a positive contribution to Flash game developers. Tutorials end up being copy and paste jobs, more often than not, and then people are more inclined to say "Look what I did!" and take inappropriate credit. Open source allows everyone to benefit.

This AS3 3D fighting game engine (no Papervision or any other 3d classes used in the making of the game) contains full source code for this type of games. As well as being useful for developers looking to create a VS fighting like games, it's also a excellent starting point for anyone looking to create games in Actionscript 3. Take a look through the code and learn from it.


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