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(Full written instructions are given in game. Scroll up to the top of the message box.)
The aim of the game is to win. This is achieved by ensuring that your opponents have accumulated 200 points or more whilst your points are still below 200 points.

You essentially drag and drop your cards using the mouse. You click on the stack if you need to pick up.
You follow suit or follow number.
Jacks change suit, aces jump players and queens change direction. Two queens down would keep the direction the same (the reverse is reversed if you like). The other special card is a 2 which makes the next player pick up 2 cards unless they put down a 2 in which case the next player picks up 4 etc.

If there are only two players then aces and queens put the play back to you.

If another player finishes the cards left in your hand count against you (you have 200 points to play with). Face cards 10 points, others face value but Jacks 20 and Queen of spades (queen of nasties 40 points).

If you finish on a J all other player have to double the points in their hand. X4 2 jacks etc.

In a 2 player game the winner gets 3 Game points.
In a 3 player game the winner gets 3 and the second place gets 2.
In a 4 or more player game 3 game points go to the winner, 2 to the runner up and 1 to the player in third place.

You only get great at this game through practice.
10 Games you become a player.
20 Games and you become an expert.

There is a ranked high score list kept of the games you play and the game points you've obtained. Your game ratio score will be given to you during play and it is gamepoints/gamesplayed x 100. Think of it a bit like a batting average. The highest game ratio score possible is 300 points (it means you have gained 3 points i.e. won, every game you've played).

To my knowledge these are the rules as laid down by Nick (Nasty Nick No Cheat) and Rich (Dastardly Lione)way back in the late 80s.



An addictive card game, quick to learn but years to master.

This card game was invented by two good friends of mine (Dr Richard Lione and Nick Tromans) from university. It is an amalgamation of several games with other bits thrown in.

We played it incessantly and even had a league going!


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