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Welcome to my profile





Welcome to my boring profile  

if you hate Zelda, GTFO my profile!! D:<

Plz stop spam my inbox with hate-Zelda-messages =.=




Well, im a weird girl from Swedeand my real name is Mathilda..i like red, cookies, video games, blood and gore and my computer :D

When im not play the legend of zelda(which happends very rarely), i play SSBB, Css, Mw2 and Bc2 ^^,


The triforce 

        ↓              Me


   ▲ ▲  

~♥ Big the legend of Zelda fan since 2006 ♥~


 My top 4 best Zelda games :D

1. Wind Waker(best game in the history )

2. Ocarina of Time

3. Majoras Mask

4. A LInk to the Past


Top 3 worst Zelda games D:

1. Spirit Tracks(easy, Link drives a train and Zelda is a ghost WTF)

2. Phanton Hourglass(easy)

3. Links crossbow training(no comment..)


My top 4 favourite Links:

1. Wind Waker Link(hes sooo motherfking cute!!)

2. Force Deity Link(hes cool o.o)

3. Deku Link(cute 2 ^-^)

4. Wolf Link(i like wolfs)




Dance time!!:D





lol funny manga x]


Every game has a story, only one is a legend

Omgawd i can't wait till next year!



I hate Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and all these artists!

Go metal!♥


95% of all teens would go into a panic if Justin Bieber were on a 100 foot building about to jump. Copy and paste this if you are one of the 5% who would bring popcorn, invite friends and scream "Jump, fucker, jump!"



 I like blood and gore


ya, link got the power lol



 OMG! you found my secret message! :O

well, congrats ^^ xD

but....thats mean you copy from others page???!


Ty for visiting my profile! :D

dont forget to comment and send a friend request! i accept all ^.^




SMOKE 99SMOKE 99 said

Posted 8 days ago

I agree to with pretty much everything on ur profile! how jb sucks, how the wind waker iz EPIC!,and almost everthing else tho.

SMOKE 99SMOKE 99 said

Posted 10 days ago

u want sum toon link spirites cookiez? here u goes.

There nice! luv~smoke 99 lol

ArticeArtice said

Posted 3 weeks ago

u like blood and gore rite? :D
play gears of war 2!!!!! SO much blood!!
btw zelda is good too :)

Co0kieZCo0kieZ said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Ya! I love zelda

SMOKE 99SMOKE 99 said

Posted 4 weeks ago

hey do u like zelda? lolololololoolol

Co0kieZCo0kieZ said

Posted 4 weeks ago

No jag pratar svenska :]

SMOKE 99SMOKE 99 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

здравствуйте Как Ваши дела ?

bet ya dont speak russain do ya hehehehe!

SMOKE 99SMOKE 99 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

i fail up there sorry.

Co0kieZCo0kieZ said

Posted 2 months ago

Hehe ty :]

doodleriderdoodlerider said

Posted 2 months ago

LOVE the profile txt =P link osm

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its funny when u missed the apple...xD
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