Asteroids Universe

Asteroids Universe

(Under Development)

Use the arrow keys to fly around, space to shoot.

Use the below url to play in fullscreen!


Realtime multiplayer asteroids mayhem.

Latest update:
- Added system, where you gain XP and levels for playing the game.
- Fixed a bug where players would be visible in the game area before they where done synching.
- Fixed issues where synchronization time-stamps could get out of synch
- Ensured that the chat supports multiline chat messages
- Small graphical updates here and there

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Features I want to do. Features with a number is defined as the next to come. Features with a star (*) is features I want to do but have yet to assign priority to.

1: Bases which act as safe zones, where in you spawn and can seek refuge if people are hunting you down.
2: Skill system, where you can use points won via the XP system to upgrade your charters skills. (Think shield strength, flight speed, etc etc)
3: Items and money, such that you can buy / win new items for your ship to give you an age. Herein a system to control what items can be equipped on your ship.
*: NPC, bots you can battle alone or with friends to win XP, money and items.
*: None battle activities, such as mining, transporting etc.
*: Quests for XP, Money and glory
*: Decouple game from instance based model to MMO model, with zones, gates etc etc.
*: In-game clan system

Known bugs
- The interpolation is bad, needs to be rewritten.
- The user list renders incorrectly when the room has +10 users

Older stuff:
- Implement custom user-list and chat.
- Allow for fullscreen
- Tracking of kills / deaths
- Heads up display for Shield and Hold structure.
- Radar
- You can now use WASD to control the ship.
- You can use CTRL / Command to re-spawn
- The world will now update even when you are dead.
- Restructured the scale and physics such you can actually see the other people when you are battling them. Basically it's the same, just zoomed out a lot.


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