sean is a 0 year old guy living in in a box on the street of a road. He has been a member for 24 months, and was last logged on 11 days ago.
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Gamer Level: 6

Welcome to my profile

Guess What Ya I Got

*I Got Pretty Boy Swag*

My Name's Sean 

i wish 2 have mo friendz

Little bout me

umm.. im 6' 5"( tall lol)

 in 8th grade>.>

I love to beat box 

a real deep voice

fav colars pink. light blue, and black

There once was a dark dark world.

Inside was a dark dark city. inside was

a dark dark house. Inside was a dark dark

room . Inside that dark dark. room was a darrk dark closet.

Inside that dark dark closet was a dark dark box.

Inside that dark dark box was


Green Jellybean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope u liked it peace out!

Put this on your profile if u have ever:

1.pushed a door that said pull

2.tried 2 get out of a car with your seatbelt on

3.said something retared and got rewaded for it  

If ya got PS3 add me seanweezy1 is da name.

I'm a hardcore gamer:

1.cod4 lvl 55 prestige 6

2.cod5() lvl 31 prestige 1

3.Fallout 3 lvl 27  



6.Socom confentation

7.MODERN WARFARE 2 lvl 54 prestige 6 


9.UFC Undisputed 09

10.NCAA 10

11.Borderlands lvl 27 

12.FlashPoint Dragon Rising

13.Army of Two

14.Army of Two 40th Day

15.Ristance 2

16.Uncharted 1

17.Assassin's Creed 2

18.Midnight Club L.A.

19.DJ Hero

20.Call of Duty Black ops lvl 25

21.DJ Hero

22.Medal of Honor

23.Dead Rising 2 

Fav T.V. show is American Idol

my favorite music/bands r




Alice in Chains


Van Halan

pink floyd


sick puppies


Drowning Pool



Lincoin Park

Green Day

Death Metal

A System of a Down

The Beatles

Rolling Stones



rap artist

lil wayne



Goochie Man


Whocka Flocka Flame 



slim shady

50 cent


New Boyz





Alicia Keys

Lupe Flasco

Kanye West


Soulja Boy 

 Random Poem

IM ao blue i know this is true cause u broke my heart in two.

please dont be screwin wit me this is so hard 2 believe

are my eyes desiving me,see me and you were meant to be

we are all free to what we please

we all yell whoop-eee for all the glee we seek

this is all brand new

i flew high enough where i counldnt be touched

i have a hunch lets go eat capitain crunch

before lunch ive never heard such

this is why i have a crush

My Song:

Why me? The world goes on while I stand still. I don't fit in, others just look and stare. I look up at the sky for hope but he stares at me with his eyes like he's in pain.

People just stare I wish for hope but when will it come..? When will I.. FALL...?

Favorite song is: "If You Only New" Shinedown

some lyrics

I still hold on to the letters you returned.I swear I lived a lie.

It's 4:03 and I can't sleep, Without you next too me.

I toss and turn like the sea. If I drown tonight bring me back to life,

breathe your breath in me.

The only thing i still believe in is you, if u only new. 

After the Saints won their first National Football League championship -- 43 years after they played their first game -- they talked about the once-ravaged city they represent.

"We play for so much more than ourselves," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees with his brown hair matted to his forehead. "We played for our city. We played for the entire Gulf Coast region. We played for the entire Who Dat nation that has been behind us every step of the way."

Recap: Feburary 7, 2010 Sunday, 10:35p.m.

Saints 30-17 Colts

New Esclade ESV

Dang! big stacksReeses themed pimped out ride

Yea Buddy King size it

1972 Juicy Fruit Chevy Impala 

Juicy Fruit <3


Steelers the best!

CoD-MW2-Wallpaper-1.jpg picture in cod mw2

Yea Modern Warfare 2


cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

dat kool.

lilbri46lilbri46 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

i lov tha color p!nk


cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

idkn where u live?

azsieazsie said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Hey boy wanna go out

Arely12Arely12 said

Posted 3 weeks ago


Nuggle my JutzNuggle my Jutz said

Posted 5 months ago

haze ftw

cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 5 months ago

thank you loves yours too. <3

cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 5 months ago

oh yea i knew that but slim shady has different abulms than eminem has...

cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 5 months ago

nun much u?

Sarah.HicksSarah.Hicks said

Posted 5 months ago

Heyy whatsss up(:

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