charlie08 is a 13 year old guy living in the land before time . He has been a member for 25 months, and was last logged on 4 weeks ago.
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Welcome to my profile

"a ppl im charlie and im bored as hell rite nw my fav colors are yellow nd blak  i guess

  • i get bored easily
  • ****in hate my gay bro
  • and like girls ...nt guys
  • i like listenin to music  nt all music tho
  • i hate watchin sports cuz u can just wait till the end =P
  • i play conquer online sometimes if anyone else does leave me ur char name .

add me if ud like ill do the same wen i come on leave ur ?'s or comments idc ayways peace Gibbets ^ Fallen Angel ^                                                                           ya i sorta stoppd cumn on here kinda  a wana b myspace/facebook/ i cum on evry once n awile tho so ...ya -.- wellll ok...

(\ _/)


(^   ^)




baldibaldi said

Posted 2 months ago

Your soooooooo good

jamila15jamila15 said

Posted 2 months ago

haha lol ty x

charlie08charlie08 said

Posted 2 months ago

<3 sur lol

jamila15jamila15 said

Posted 2 months ago

lol do me a favour n take dat ugly pic of me off ur profile its sucha old pikk n i look so fukkin gayy!!

aigina arellanoaigina arellano said

Posted 3 months ago


German3945German3945 said

Posted a long time ago

they're songs, but they're poems in a way.

jamila15jamila15 said

Posted a long time ago

charlie u said your going to put ur pic on here
when will u?
i really want to see it!

jamila15jamila15 said

Posted a long time ago

lol it aint ur fault

charlie08charlie08 said

Posted a long time ago

ya thts wat it does xD srry

jamila15jamila15 said

Posted a long time ago

lol i pressed alt and f4 and everything went off. i was sending a email and that went off too.

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cuz i just do
Super Crazy Guitar ManSuper Crazy Guitar Man
this game is just da shit
cuz its like pushin thru a crowd
cause zombies are bad and deserv to die
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