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Welcome to my profile

  This is my kassandra<3 I'm falling for this girl, :). I dated her once.... i couldnt get her off my mind i fucked up, and now i have her back and hopefully, ill have her for a long awhile and if not atleast i had you for some time right baby?:). I don't know if im what you need or what you want, but ill sure try<3.... I have some strong ass feelings for you. and i hope you feel the same.:). i think your SO FUCKING ADORABLE:D. Your hair is perfect your just perfect. and i wouldnt ask for anyone else. I don't know... but, i can right for days, about you, but then i would get tired:P. Soooo, yeah, Your my girlfriend and i intend to make you my everything you are my everything.:). and ill put you first you and my baby girl farah. you both come first<3. Anyways.... ima stop writting about you<3 i hope you feel the same, anyways bye<3.


KassyWassyKassyWassy said

Posted 8 days ago

Babes, you are A-DOOR-EEEE-BLAYY-ERRR.(;

CallMe.RileighCallMe.Rileigh said

Posted 12 days ago

hey remember me lol

fifi la plus bellefifi la plus belle said

Posted 13 days ago


whatever..whatever.. said

Posted 13 days ago

Thats cool.
Cats dont like me Dx
I always get bit or attacked O_o

whatever..whatever.. said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Well somebody has a 'THING' for cats :P

mz.angieemz.angiee said

Posted 2 weeks ago


fatoldpeoplelolfatoldpeoplelol (online) said

Posted 2 weeks ago

obviusly not if your cat hates me <\3

and your a weirdo with bad printing, D:

fatoldpeoplelolfatoldpeoplelol (online) said

Posted 2 weeks ago

your crusty and gross. <3

mz.hottie1234mz.hottie1234 said

Posted 4 weeks ago


PaigerzPaigerz said

Posted 5 weeks ago

NOOOO YOu are <3

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