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Savannah Cat's go moo is a 110 year old girl living in Anywhere with music. She has been a member for 22 months, and was last logged on 8 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

Hey I'm Savannah :) Right Now im doing this because im extremely Bored so yeah :)


  • I am in a relationship ;) you know what that means
  • I help with profiles but i like to be respected for it
  • If you make me do something on ur profile I WILL put something on your text (nothing bad)
  • I'm nice, crazy, fun, funny, and other things
  • Im SLOW SOMETIMES OK!!!! it might take me a while to comprhend stuff
  • I'm a teenager
  • Cuss in front of me and I will tell you off :) no offense
  • Im a christian OH LOOK it explains why I dont like cussing :D ^^
  • I like making cheesy jokes haha dont know why
  • Im clumsy... >.< its annoying
  • My boyfriend is best friends with my best friend haha (random i know)
  • I already know you guys wont read these because your to busy looking at my pretty flashy profile ;)
  • I add anyone
  • I'm really friendly unless you hurt or make my friends cry then i get mad and i end up being mean
  • I speak English and im learning French :)
  • Favorite colors are LIME GREEN AND BLUE :D :D :D :D love em
  • ehmm what was I gonna say on this bullet again............ >.<
  • ehmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DANG
  •  OH YEAH!!!!! lets do that last anywhoo
  • I dont think im better then everyone else so please stop telling me I DO!! everyone is the same including ME!!!!
  • I don't talk much anymore i've been really busy lately and I'm ussually talking on my email. I am also on a lot less because I get bored
  • If I dont answer your emails until after a couple days i'm sorry BUT I WILL ANSWER THEM... just dont feel like it sometimes heheh

Well im bored again so imma go now







3xt4cr1zby3xt4cr1zby said

Posted yesterday

Prety... Prety.. Shiny.. Shiny...
Lol, nice profile. (-_^)b

dominoedominoe said

Posted 2 weeks ago

i am doing o k
in fact, im not even bored
har har har har har har har har har HAR!!!!!!

-Katie.-Katie. said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Your Profile Gives me Eyegasms.xD
add Me?(:

mileycyrus7mileycyrus7 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

hi do oy remeber me i used to think uu were emily from hannah mntana but rally lilly

msalmeron55msalmeron55 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

i love ur profile da awesomesttt everrr!!
love da song tooo :]

coolethan61914coolethan61914 said

Posted 3 weeks ago


mucelmucel said

Posted 3 weeks ago


jacob-bestjacob-best (online) said

Posted 3 weeks ago


Love.Love. said

Posted 4 weeks ago

Protests in the colonies against the Stamp Acts had died down when Parliament passed the Tea Act. The new act granted a monopoly on tea trade in the Americas to the East India Tea Company.

is that homework^
idk the answer
ask KC Managra hes cleaver at it XD

Love.Love. said

Posted 4 weeks ago

heyy its meeh samiha add me on tis one :]

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