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Welcome to my profile

@_@ I don't know what to put.... I like red and my buddy Yoru is always there for me. (Literally)..


 The fat man in the red suit that comes at Christams and gives you little kiddies presents sees when you're sleping (With a BIIIIG Grin!) And knows when your awake (He hides under your bed.)

What a pervert...



>_> J to the K.


 I'm done.


BTW, HAI brooklyn2010 HOW'S IT GOING?!?!?! YOU REMEMBER ME NAO! :D HOW'S purplehamster?


 So, obviously pictures aren't showing up on my text. How...to...fix? D:


FunnyJunk. :3 Me Gusta. 

Apparently people usually do this, so what the heck?? 



  • Music Lia (>_>! :D Hot tub. :3)
  •  purplehamster (;D Nice to know I was missed. :P)
  • brooklyn2010 (Wasssuppp? XP *Gives a cookie* I know how you like your cookies.)
  • PieFace_ (Hey! :D)
  • Dallasphernelia (I suck at astral projecting. v_v)
  • -Mordecai (How are ya, bro? :) )
  • Shy Neko Rocks (It's okay to be shy. :D)
  • Felicia The Catgirl 1 (How's TailsPrower, as well?)
  • Forgotten_Secret (I don't see you much anymore. :( )



Anyways I'm done so stop reading.


If you're still reading this yer gay.








Rawrr[xRawrr[x said

Posted 2 hours ago

It's okay, I'm not posting anymore names :P

MiddnightDetectiveMiddnightDetective said

Posted 2 hours ago

yah rly .... . . ., ., ., ,. . .,,. -.-''

PieFace_PieFace_ said

Posted 23 hours ago

I tried to astral today, guess how it went? :l

brooklyn2010brooklyn2010 said

Posted yesterday


MiddnightDetectiveMiddnightDetective said

Posted 6 days ago

nuthin ,,,..... -.-''

ABCD CarmineABCD Carmine said

Posted 6 days ago

yo what up bro? just wanted to let you know that "Shy Neko Rocks" has a crush on you and maybe you could send her a message or talk to her about it. she said she's shy so she might not talk much or so, but still i'm sure she would like it, well that's all, take care bro. :D

Katrina ChisuKatrina Chisu said

Posted 7 days ago

this is Shy Neko Rocks Ikuto add me

Shy Neko RocksShy Neko Rocks said

Posted 7 days ago

smile im one of your friends on your text cool.

EmyGEmyG said

Posted 7 days ago


Rawrr[xRawrr[x said

Posted 7 days ago

I have to pee.

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