Jay is a -1 year old guy living in London. He has been a member for 28 months, and was last logged on 7 hours ago.
Jay has a website at http://nonoba.com/245029

Gamer Level: 15

Welcome to my profile

Ok guys... I so sorry for everything!!!! I'm open and ready to reattach friendships with ppl... If ever you were my friend plz add me again and I would like you all to say hello to my own personal   web counter!  It records everytime anyone visits my page so please invite all your friends to vist and leave comments about what you think about my profile!!

As I said b4 all this I'm a friendly guy who doesn't hate anyone so plz add me and get to know me!!!!


*warcry enjoys rolling on the floor after all it is in his nature just deal with it*



Web Counter


Web Counter


Next I'm gonna throw up the old friend list I had!!!


1.Killersdeat0 - great friend got me into nonoba!!! I wouldn't be level 3 if it weren't for him!!!


2.Goddess of Texas - awesome sparring partner in zero arena... one of the best girl players I know in that game.... I find myself talking to her a good bit...


3.Greenheart44 - so beautiful it isn't funny!!! calls me sweet pretty much every day!!! Good friend


4.Blue.eyed.girl- Ok.... what to say about blue.eyed.girl ... well for starters she is amazing (she is truly the only reason I am here today), she always brings a smile to my face, she is crazy good at starland (she taught me 5.5k) and she always looks to the good side of life... Truly an amazing friend... couldn't ask for more


5. Psychokiller999- funny guy!!! beats my a** every day it seems... (only because I keep stealing his seat) oh well he gets over it and we are great buds!


6. MasterOStarland - OMG sorry master I almost forgot!!! Anyway prettiest girl I have ever layed my eyes upon!!! amazingly pretty!!! Anyway she's great at starland and helped me get my first 5k!!! I thank her so much!!


7. .qwerty29. - an great friend... she not only helped with to 5.5k (a great acheivement) but also allowed me to make her profile!!! Great person to get to know!!!


8.  Smileysmile: a great conversationalist; just about as random as I am : ) makes me feel like everythings perfect : ) she's an interesting find considering I was just wondering through cyber space and looking at flowers rofl


9. jonny77 - great partner in crime in zero arena.... we started about the same time and he's great ^^ ) play him if at all possible


quick shoutout to mamalicious I'll miss you and I hope you're doing well 


Next I have to add that I own 2 clubs  on nonoba that are brand new and looking for members if you want to join either one just give me a shout!!!!


Club Confused??? what's going on

leader... warcry

co leader... .qwerty29.



cholo king



Club bored... so bored

leader... warcry





cholo king




If you think you should be up here give me a shout in either a club or on profile myself... however plz get to know me first!!!

FInd me etiher on starland (rank 35), sneaky tanks (rank 14 overall), or za (rank 9 overall)!!! They are where I spend most of my time!! Hope to get to know more of you a lot better!!!



One more day

do you ever ask yourself if you had this wish what would you wish for? We all say one more day because we have so much left unsaid and things

we didn't get to do together. I knew my baby's life was limited and we crammed

in 7 yrs in it seems like two adults lifetimes. I would only want want more day to just spend the whole day holding her. Smiling and hugs and hearing her laughter filling the air. Life's short make it count now!!


As a side note entirely I am going for 1000 comments, 1000 friends, and 1000 acheivements plz help by adding me as a friend as well as leaving a comment!!!


MvP1217MvP1217 said

Posted 23 hours ago

Hows life?

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 2 days ago

Your css is so girly

I miss you<3


.qwerty29..qwerty29. (online) said

Posted 2 days ago

seen u been busy,thatks for the help :)

**anonymous****anonymous** said

Posted 2 days ago

Your the best ILY <3

Lollipop13Lollipop13 said

Posted 3 days ago

that one more day thing it very true and a little depressing but its like a retreat saying you are great in your own and special way but noone can help you through the challanges your faced and brought to just keep going and you'll find the right path

Lollipop13Lollipop13 said

Posted 3 days ago

omg i love the rascla flats you are amazing i want to be your friend but can you check out my profile to tell me what kind of person you are on my list for my profile thanx if you do but if you dont plz do soon

loque32loque32 said

Posted 6 days ago

bien warcry belle chanson de declan. bon choix

AshleeyyAshleeyy said

Posted 6 days ago


NEONeoNEONeo said

Posted 8 days ago

hi.........thanks for the request, glad to have you as a friend............cu

Rico6464Rico6464 (online) said

Posted 11 days ago

Awesome Profile.

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