Epic Dude III is a 13 year old guy living in Jupiter. He has been a member for 10 months, and was last logged on 2 hours ago.
Epic Dude III has a website at http://yahoo.com

Gamer Level: 3

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Word of Week:Bored

Question of Week:What do you do when you are bored?

Answer for QOW:Play your favorite game(s).

Fav. Online  Game:Everybody Edits

Fav. Video Game: Sonic Battle

Fav. Downloaded game: Super Mario Bros. X

Fav. place to play Fav. Online Game: Nonoba.com/chris/everybody-edits

Erin101-My gf

1Line088- My alternate account


HyperShadic321HyperShadic321 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

SUP 1LINE remember me? Sorry i havn't been online lately

beatleslover98beatleslover98 said

Posted 2 months ago

Hi baby

dr.mixalckindr.mixalckin said

Posted 3 months ago


1Line0871Line087 said

Posted 6 months ago

oh ok hi Erin

beatleslover98beatleslover98 said

Posted 6 months ago

hi 1Line087 just so u know im Erin101


Posted 6 months ago


SpiritGiver New Era1SpiritGiver New Era1 said

Posted 6 months ago

Hello 1Line087 Remember me? I came back at 6:20pm this afternoon. I wish you was on.

coolbuttoncoolbutton said

Posted 6 months ago


morgonamorgona said

Posted 6 months ago

SPIRIR GIVER DID NOT DIE ................hes to cool to die

keilkeil said

Posted 6 months ago

Cool avatar and profile pic.

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