Hello There Nub is -1 years old and living in Your Mom. It has been a member for 7 months, and was last logged on 4 hours ago.

Gamer Level: 6

Welcome to my profile

Winners of my Two tournaments.



1 Tourny FFA Results


 First FFA winner: Sincy Rouquentin


second FFA winner: just Curly Annie oakly (Bonnie)


Semi Final Winner: Sincy Annie oakly


Final winner: sincy!


Congrats Sincy!  Link for thread ~   http://fltron/#forum/mini-ffa-six-playerstournament



Second Tournament! 1v1


Congrats stupidd on beating Fastliner in the finals! ~Thread  http://fltron.com/#forum/toastehs-fancy-1v1-tournament


There you will find the bracket on who won and such. 




SWEATY BALLS <Mr.x Loves em. jk




I am a Nublet.


I like Fruit. But not banna's. Joa Made me scared of them ):


PSN Name: SymbolicSymbol


Feel free to add me But if you do, Leave your Nonoba/Fltron Username.


Im 17! D: 


I am proud to say Im not a victim of, AIDS,Herpes,Rape By a black Dude,

And all other STD. I use Trojan Condoms, Never Break, NEVER.


Sense Of music, ScreamO,(Bless the fall, As i lay dying Etc) Classical

(Soap And skin, Moon light sonta) And Rap (Hollywood undead, Eminem)

Feel free to say they suck.

  I like Soup and cheeto's :3
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Ghosteh is his Gay lover :x Uploaded with ImageShack.us Tom is craezhy Part 1 Uploaded with ImageShack.us TOm is so crazy :3 P2





I beat reburm in a 1v1, So to anyone who thinks he is better, Soz but he isnt. 


la cheriela cherie said

Posted 9 days ago

is that good a sexy profile? I think yes :D Thanks!
heh its okey, I'm sure you didn't want to ignore me :]

Ivan-d.r.Ivan-d.r. said

Posted 13 days ago

Awesome profile!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I can have one like this...

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