blue.eyed.girl is a 99 year old girl living in a land halfway between Starland and Gotham City. She has been a member for 3 months, and was last logged on 13 hours ago.

Gamer Level: 7

Welcome to my profile






I joined this site because of Starland.

I currently have 5794 and am going for 6k.


If you can't find me on Starland I am probably on new favorite game. 




I'm sick of people asking for the secret to here!
Look close enough and maybe you'll get lucky.




Animal X17Animal X17 said

Posted 3 days ago

good tune, add me

RockforlifeRockforlife said

Posted 3 days ago

korn i know who korn is haha i have blues eyes also :D

Rip.Paul.GrayRip.Paul.Gray said

Posted 5 days ago

korn is freaking awesome

bolidbolid said

Posted 8 days ago

have a nice profile
Greetings from Europe
sory snow Europe-s LOVE nije

Leon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.SLeon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.S said

Posted 10 days ago

seriously my name is alex: D

glad to meet you!!!

alex and alex xD

Leon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.SLeon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.S said

Posted 10 days ago

how are you?

Leon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.SLeon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.S said

Posted 10 days ago

hummm my name is alex :)

obi killerobi killer said

Posted 13 days ago


Fallenangle99Fallenangle99 (online) said

Posted 13 days ago

nice profile i like it <333

Comment by She Screams My Name is hidden because it has a score of -3. Click here to show

She Screams My NameShe Screams My Name said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Nice eyes

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