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Welcome to my profile

Hi <3:)

I am going to force myself into writing a very long friends list but before I do I am going to write a few things about me and other stuff a person does to write in their profiles. =)


1. Well... firstly all I can say is I am addicted to Everybody Edits <33

2. I am mostly around basecamp if I am not there it might be because I am on a different chatroom, playing a multiplayer game or looking at my profile

3. I have got formspring it is:


4. I am a girl. xD

5. I have got msn. But I am not allowed to give out my e-mail to strangers..


You are allowed to add me, I will accept it anyways. Do comment on my profile. But please don't spam on my profile. HAHA. That includes you musiclovar!!


Well I will start writing my friends list when people want to be in it!


Bai x





nylarosenylarose said

Posted 3 hours ago

heey cuuzz!<3

fairygirlfairygirl said

Posted 7 days ago

your profile is very beautiful in deed
i love it

loveable4996loveable4996 said

Posted 7 days ago

haha thanks :D

abbyluvssome1abbyluvssome1 said

Posted 7 days ago


franchyfranchy said

Posted 7 days ago

Hello! =)
Long time no see indeed =P
How have you been?

Lara...Lara... said

Posted 8 days ago

I love you're profile so damn cute -

folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 8 days ago

lol.... i never said that u were Emo!! :O

abbyluvssome1abbyluvssome1 said

Posted 8 days ago

yeah 4 the layout i will change the patterns!

ilovemycrazyfriends0ilovemycrazyfriends0 said

Posted 8 days ago

kool profile

abbyluvssome1abbyluvssome1 said

Posted 8 days ago

can u message me the css 4 the layout lik ur's?

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